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For years, Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) has been a generous organization that loves giving back to others and helping the people of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community. Eastern Motors, founded by Robert Bassam, recently teamed up to donate to the Fairfax County Police Association (FCPA) in Virginia.
Pay It Forward partners Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group have teamed up again to do some good in the community. April 30th was National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.
Earth Lady Programs were founded by the amazing Izolda Trakhtenberg to teach students about Earth Science and natural resources. Trakhtenberg or ?Earth Lady? is a science collaborator at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
For the fourth year in a row, Easterns Automotive Group is supporting Loudoun County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 69. With over 325,000 members and 2,100 lodges worldwide, the FOP is in fact the world?s biggest organization of sworn law enforcement officers. The purpose of the FOP is to protect the police officers from the dangers faced in today?s world.
Capital Caring is a bereavement program with several locations throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. The organization is based in Northern Virginia and specializes in providing bereavement services for families who have suffered a loss.
Pay It Forward partners Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC partnered up once again to give back in the community. The non-profit organization that they chose to help is called HER Resiliency Center in Washington D.C. The overall mission for this center is to help local women find a second chance at life.
Seasoned Settlers is a D.C.-based nonprofit organization that was created by Sweetz LaBamba. The organization provides entertainment and specialty entertainment for the youth as well as senior citizens.
Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC recently came together to highlight a local woman who is helping to pay it forward to seniors of Washington D.C. Norma Hardie is the founder of a non-profit organization called Embracing Our Pearls of Wisdom.
Today was a very special day for both Eastnerns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC alike. The two Pay It Forward partners teamed up to highlight and give back to an amazing non-profit organization doing amazing work in the Maryland community.
Pay It Forward partners Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC came together in the beginning of February to help out and highlight a great cause an a person that is doing great things in the community. They decided to Pay It Forward to Erica Sansing
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