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Easterns Automotive Group proudly partners with 7News DC on this #HelpingHands to surprise BetterALife, a non profit working to combat childhood hunger in Virginia.
minimum income for purchasing
Even if you have a low credit score and a poor credit history, a job can be your saving grace if you’re in desperate need of an auto loan. Minimum income requirements ensure applicants can make the monthly payments, mitigating the risks for lenders loaning to low-credit borrowers and increasing the chances of a low-credit borrower’s application being accepted. A reliable income also helps reduce the risk of a borrower being unable to make a payment and potentially worsening their financial situation.
interest rates for bad credit car loans
Unfortunately, many bad credit auto loans have high interest rates. These loans can help car shoppers with low credit scores afford reliable transportation, but the downside is the borrower may be taking on large and costly monthly payments over a prolonged period.
Auto loan approval
Building, strengthening or repairing credit is not a fast process. It can take years of making monthly payments and gradually increasing your credit limit to fix. Unfortunately, many people have an immediate need for dependable transportation and can’t afford to wait that long.
co-signing for a car
A poor credit score can make getting the financing you need for a car frustratingly difficult, as some dealerships turn shoppers away because of an arbitrary score without looking at their income or personal situation. At Easterns Automotive, we don’t believe that shoppers should feel forced to buy a low-quality vehicle because of their credit score.
bad credit car loans
The lowest qualifying credit score for a bad credit auto loan is typically 600, but someone with a lower credit score may still qualify for one. There are also situations where someone with a credit score that’s higher than the minimum required may not be approved.
At Easterns Automotive Group, we believe in the power of community, and our latest Helping Hands with 7News DC, we were able to surprise the Crimson Heat All Stars. This Maryland-based nonprofit is dedicated to providing physical fitness, social development, leadership, and academic excellence to youth aged 4 to 18 throughout the DMV area, with the primary goal of making competitive cheerleading more accessible for the youth of Washington, D.C.
used jeep patriot
The answer according to many drivers, including those who aren’t Jeep brand loyalists, is yes. When it comes to SUVs, the Jeep Patriot has certainly made its mark in the automotive landscape. Many people praise the Jeep Patriot for its rugged exterior and reputation for off-road capabilities.
Easterns Automotive Group has partnered with 7 News on this Helping Hands to support Leveling the Playing, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing sports equipment to students in the DMV.
used hyundai accent
The Hyundai Accent is a great vehicle known for its affordability, fuel efficiency, compact design, resale value and more. One of the manufacturer’s distinctive characteristics, and one that’s exemplified by the Hyundai Accent, is consistency. Every Accent model year has a well-earned reputation for being a practical and reliable choice when it comes to compact cars because nearly every model year variation has met or exceeded expectations on all the important attributes drivers prioritize in their vehicles.