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Eric and his wife, Bridgette, have been feeding 1000s of people every month for the last six years through their nonprofit, Operation Earnie's Plate. We were inspired by what they are doing to improve our community and wanted to lend a #HelpingHand.
car maintenance lights
It’s happened to every Toyota Camry owner at some point. You’re driving down the highway when you notice a new symbol glowing behind the wheel. Do you know what to do when that Maintenance Required light comes on in your vehicle?
History of Nissan
Loyal Nissan buyers or car shoppers just interested in learning more about this popular brand of vehicles may be curious about Nissan’s place in the auto market. Like many Japanese automakers, their history dates back many decades and is full of both industry successes and the occasional struggle.
Ford Focus a quality car
The determination of whether a car is “good” will often be determined by performance, longevity, rating organizations and reviews from previous buyers. Good and bad are very subjective concepts. What’s good for one driver might not appeal to another motorist.
After facing the loss of their son, Reggie and Dedeen Vaughn created a non-profit to help other young people dealing with mental health issues called the Mind Wellness Foundation. Supporting their cause on this Helping Hands with 7 News was an honor!
Legacy Farms offers apprenticeship-style internships and job opportunities specifically for the neurodiverse community. In partnership with 7News DC on this #HelpingHands, we surprised them with somehting special.
On this Pay It Forward with Fox 5, we had the opportunity to learn more about FAN D.C. an organization doing amazing things to help children in the foster care system. We wanted to contribute to their cause, so we had a special surprise!
helping hands easterns automotive group jill's house
Jill's House is a non-profit that provides short-term, overnight care to families raising children with intellectual disabilities in the DC metro area. While their kids engage in fun activities tailored to their interests and abilities, parents receive 24-48 hours to rest and recharge. As a part of 7News Helping Hands Initiative with ABC 7, we surprised them with something special.
gifting a car to a family member
Whether you are gifting or selling a car to a family member, you must follow the necessary steps to ensure the vehicle’s title and ownership are transferred correctly. Some documents and fees may vary depending on whether you live in Maryland or Virginia, but the process is essentially the same.
selling car without a title
While it is illegal to sell a car without proof of ownership in most jurisdictions, there are legal ways to sell a car even if you don’t physically have (or can’t find) the title.