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Easterns Team Easterns Family Jeff lopez
Meet more of the Easterns team! Jeff Lopez has been with the Easterns family for four years!
15-year-old Omar Fulcar has been volunteering with different organizations that support his community in Fairfax County. Moved by his dedication to helping others, we had a surprise for him.
Meet one of our newer Easterns family members! Bradley Hawes has been with us for a few months, but he isn't new to finding the right vehicle for his customers! If you're looking for a truck, he is your go-to guy because he is a GMC truck connoisseur.
New Futures prepares underserved young people in Washington, DC for rewarding careers through certifications, college degrees, and more. Inspired by New Futures' mission to change lives, Easterns wanted to help as well with a donation of $2,000 to support their Power On fundraiser.
Malik Ray has been a customer advisor at Easterns in Temple Hills for almost three years!
car driving in harsh winter weather
Do you know which vehicles are best suited for harsh winter weather? Used car dealer, Easterns, provides the best options for you to choose from!
car technology making driving and roads safer
As cars continue to adopt new technology, roads & drivers are becoming more safe. Used car dealer, Easterns, explains the latest in car tech, here!
regular car maintenance affects cars valuation
Having your vehicle regularly maintained can impact its resale value. Used car dealer, Easterns, explains everything you need to know in detail, here.
woman leasing her first car
Interested in leasing a car but unsure what is needed? Used car dealership, Easterns explains everything you need to know in detail, here!
As a part of "The Give" campaign with NBC Sports Washington, Easterns Automotive Group was honored to support the Laughlin Family Foundation in their fight to fund and advance the care and research of rare cancers.
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