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On Random Acts of Kindness Day we teamed up with ABC 7 during this Helping Hands to surprise random people with gift cards.
To share the love and give back on this Pay It Forward, Fox 5 and Easterns Automotive Group gave free gas to the first hospital and public safety workers at the Circle Sunoco Fairfax.
Operation Understanding has been giving back to the community for the past 30 years now. The nonprofit brings students together to fight racism, antisemitism and discrimination. Amazed by this nonprofit's incredible work in our community, we wanted to surprise them with a 7 News #HelpingHand.
On this Helping Hands with ABC 7, we had a special surprise for S.A.F.E DC, a non-profit that provides tennis and educational programs for the youth of DC.
The Oasis Alliance Pay It Forward
On this Pay It Forward with Fox 5 DC, we had a special surprise for The Oasis Alliance, an organization that helps those healing from trauma by transforming interior spaces.
car safety features
When you look at buying a new or pre-owned car, there are several factors to consider that are more important than the color or style of the vehicle. Aside from a car’s appearance, knowing that you and your passengers will be safe in the event of an accident should be one of the top considerations.
15 random car facts
For decades, cars have been an essential part of everyday life, but their widespread adoption as the primary means of transportation didn’t happen overnight. Back when automobiles were first introduced to the public in 1886, cars were viewed as a luxury item that only the wealthiest households could afford.
Inclusive Pathways to Success (IPS) provides new skills and opportunities for differently abled students, and we are amazed by the work they are doin for others. On this helping Hands with 7News DC we had a special surprise for them.
10 myths about cars
Over the years, you may have heard random myths, theories or “tricks” for enhancing your car’s performance or fuel efficiency. Many of these “tips and tricks” have never actually been proven, and some may be counterproductive. As a car owner, do your best to decipher facts from myths. You (and your wallet) may be better off for it.
With our partners at ABC7 we were able to lend a #HelpingHand to Forever Moriah Foundation. Forever Moriah Foundation is a nonprofit that works tirelessly to support children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening conditions.