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Easterns Hyundai
Hyundai Motor America had a good 2021. Riding the wave of the post-pandemic surge in car sales, the Korean-based auto manufacturer enjoyed a 19 percent year-over-year increase of American auto sales. Out of 738,081 Hyundai vehicles sold in 2021, Americans showed a preference for the Tucson, Elantra and Santa Fe, which were the top-selling Hyundai models of that year.
negotiating used car prices
The art of haggling isn’t something most Americans are particularly keen on. While many countries consider relentless bargaining fair game, American consumers and traditional retail businesses are accustomed to clear pricing expectations.
Electric vehicle charging station
Electric cars, also known as electric vehicles or EVs, do not need oil to run. Owning an electric vehicle means you’ll never have to worry about scheduling oil changes the way you would for a traditional gasoline car with an internal combustion engine.
We partnered with FOX5 to Pay It Forward with the residents of the Godwin House a Senior facility in which they are making mats for the homeless, helping local high schoolers with college essays, helping staff with citizenship studying, and making boxes for Ukraine
Thousands of volunteers are preparing for the Christmas in April program to help repair the homes of Prince George's County seniors who are in need so they may live in warmth, safety, and independence. Amazed by all of the effort and work that these volunteers have put into helping others we wanted to surprise them on this helping Hands with ABC 7.
The impact of the pandemic has affected our senior citizens greatly. The elder outreach program at South County High school wanted to support the elders in their community by creating the Elder Outreach Program.
check engine light
Check engine lights vary depending on the manufacturer. They are usually red, orange or yellow and typically appear as a car engine symbol. The check engine light is commonly confused with the “service light.” However, the “service light” doesn’t indicate a mechanical problem and usually means the vehicle is due for regular service.
Young woman shopping for a used car
The average price of used cars has risen every month for the last few years. A slow, steady rise in pre-owned prices began around 2016. Then, it seemed to compound in 2020. The increase stems from a combination of pandemic-related market fluctuations and the supply and demand of parts for vehicle manufacturing.
getting a auto loan while going through bankruptcy
Yes, it is possible! Guidance is key, and Easterns Automotive is here to help. If you are a Virginia or Maryland resident that has recently filed for bankruptcy, it is important to know that you have auto loan options.
We partnered with ABC7 through their Helping Hands program to support a non-profit called Undies For Everyone. Undies for Everyone provides underwear for poverty and needy children in the region. We were honored to donate $2,000 to their cause
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