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helping hands easterns automotive group jill's house
Jill's House is a non-profit that provides short-term, overnight care to families raising children with intellectual disabilities in the DC metro area. While their kids engage in fun activities tailored to their interests and abilities, parents receive 24-48 hours to rest and recharge. As a part of 7News Helping Hands Initiative with ABC 7, we surprised them with something special.
gifting a car to a family member
Whether you are gifting or selling a car to a family member, you must follow the necessary steps to ensure the vehicle’s title and ownership are transferred correctly. Some documents and fees may vary depending on whether you live in Maryland or Virginia, but the process is essentially the same.
selling car without a title
While it is illegal to sell a car without proof of ownership in most jurisdictions, there are legal ways to sell a car even if you don’t physically have (or can’t find) the title.
selling used car after taking out a loan to purchase
It’s not uncommon to sell a car with an existing loan, especially if your situation changes two or three years into a five- or six-year loan. Car buyers in DC, Maryland and Virginia often look to sell their vehicles after a big life change such as getting married or starting a family.
Black Girls Rockville hosts an event called Breakfast and Haircuts, where they provide styling services to those experiencing homelessness. Amazed by the work they are doing in their community, we wanted to #PayItForward with a special surprise.
Educate Fairfax works year-round to make sure students have supplies throughout the year. We were amazed by the work they are doing and wanted to surprise them with something special!
trade in a financed car
Though it’s a little more complicated than selling or trading in a car you own outright, it is possible to trade in a vehicle that still has a loan. If you decide to trade in your current car before you pay it off, be prepared to do a little bit of work upfront so you are ready to move forward when you get to the dealership.
process for getting an auto loan
The used car buying process can feel intimidating, especially when it comes to financing. It can be easier to focus on things like the color, make or model rather than the most irksome aspect of buying a car — how we plan to pay for it.
In partnership with ABC7's #Helping Hands program, we had the opportunity to support Student-Athletes For Educational Opportunities, a nonprofit that provides student-athletes with opportunities and develop skills.
can you buy a car with no credit
Anytime you finance a vehicle purchase (new or used), lenders must confirm that you will be able to repay them before they can offer you an auto loan. For most dealerships and auto lenders, this means making a judgment call based solely on your credit. Easterns Automotive’s uniqueness is defined by our slogan, “Where Your Job Is Your Credit.” Unlike many other dealerships, we’re willing to work with people who have less-than-perfect credit scores.