Pay It Forward – Pharmacist goes above and beyond to help a sick child

Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC are always looking for someone who is doing great things to make a difference in the community.? Just recently, their Pay It Forward segment with Fox 5 DC was nominated for an Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.? It is so wonderful to see such a positive segment get noticed that touches many lives across the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia community.? This week?s Pay It Forward segment is special for several reasons.? A small child by the name of Callie Linscott was born with a rare medical condition.? Her parents struggled to find her the proper care but eventually found a specialist in New York to help her with her needs.? She was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called pulmonary hypertension which greatly affected the family.? Living in Virginia comes with its fair share of obstacles in terms of getting Callie?s medication.? There are three types of medication that she must take three times a day along with a pump attached to her.? Callie?s parents, Nikki and Warren Linscott coordinate with various pharmacies around the clock to make sure the medicine is ordered.? However, some instances arise where shipments can be missed or overlooked.

The family ran into a bit of unexpected trouble on the Friday before Easter when they were alerted by Walgreens that there was a nationwide shortage of Callie?s medications.? They were told that the medications would not be available for a few weeks.? At this point, they only had a two day supply left.? Local pharmacist, Laura Thomas was on the phone with Nikki and offered to try to help locate the medications.? Thomas called the Linscott family back with great news.? The medication was located at a store 100 miles away and she offered to pick it up.? She woke up the next morning and drove for over two hours to pick up the medication and make sure that it was at the store on Monday.? Thomas sacrificed her Easter Sunday to because she knew that Callie?s life depended on these medications.? Needless to say, the Linscott family was thrilled and honored that she would even go the extra mile.? When Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group got wind of Thomas? actions, they had no choice but to Pay It Forward for her selfless deed and compassion that she showed to Callie as a sick child.? Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group was on site with Erin Como and Fox 5 DC cameras to gift Thomas with a spa day for two at the Salamander Resort and Spa and couple dinner at Texas de Brazil: Brazilian Steakhouse.? We thank Laura Thomas for going above and beyond and showing how important it is for a pharmacist to have a caring relationship with their patients.



If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that goes above and beyond the call and is worthy of being recognized, Click here to nominate them.


Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.



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