Easterns Automotive Group partners with Get Up DC to give away watches to the homeless

Watch Giveaway Campaign in DC

The homeless epidemic is a huge problem in the D.C. region.? Often, people see it but don?t pay too much attention because they are too caught up in their own lives.? Ms. Faye Smith, however, did the opposite.? This past Mother?s Day, Smith gifted a watch to a homeless D.C. woman.? The level of compassion she showed created a very special and unique friendship.? Through developing the friendship, Smith learned many things about homeless culture.? Most homeless people do not have watches, so, they have no knowledge of the time.? Asking others for the time can be a difficult task because people are quick to show disinterest.

Easterns Automotive Donates Watches for the Homeless

One generous move on Smith?s part grew into the idea of creating a watch giveaway campaign.? She took it upon herself to raise awareness and ask for watch donations so that she could give them out around the city.? Reese Waters of Get Up DC got wind of this and called his friends at Easterns Automotive Group to help out.? The WUSA 9 camera crew followed Waters down to the District where he met Smith with a surprise.? He presented Smith with $500 worth of brand new watches along with a $500 gift card to get new batteries for the pre-owned watches she has.? Her look of excitement spoke volumes.? Smith stepped up to the plate to be the change that she wants to see in her community.? It?s a wonderful feeling when those that do such good are rewarded.

If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that is worthy of being helped or recognized, please contact at @ReeseWaters on social media.? #GetUpDC #GetUpGiveBack

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