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Alexandria Chamber of Commerce gathers every year to celebrate the ?Best In Business? during their annual awards ceremony.? The 2018 awards ceremony took place last week at the George Washington National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.? While Easterns Automotive Group did not make the final cut to win an award, they sponsor the event and also became a finalist for the 2018 Large Business of the Year.
When having a business, it?s always important to sit down with your customers to get their opinion on their overall experience as well as the service that they received.
Eastern Motors and Fox 5 DC recently came together for a very special edition of Pay it Forward. The purpose of this paying it forward to this specific cause was to celebrate a young woman?s personal achievements and contributions to the community as her mother fights to keep her legacy alive.
Robert Bassam founded Easterns Automotive Group and serves as its chief executive officer (CEO). Based in Washington, D.C., Easterns features six used-car dealerships and is operated through a Sterling, Virginia-based centralized corporate facility. In 1986, Bassam relocated to the D.C. region from Miami, Florida, to serve as a Mexican restaurant waiter.