Pay It Forward – Eyes Up, Phones Down Teen Drivers Safety Campaign

Easterns Supports Teen Driver Safety Campaign


What is the Eyes Up, Phones Down Campaign about?

You can always count on Fox 5 DC to shine a light on a great cause and educate their audience on a particular topic.? They created the Eyes Up, Phones Down Teen Drivers Safety Campaign to inform teens in the DMV about the importance of practicing safe driving.? The summer months are very dangerous for teens because they are out of school and constantly seeking fun.? Many find themselves glued to their cell phones even while driving, which is a serious problem. Teen deaths linked to texting and driving are on the rise.? No parent or family wants to endure something so tragic that could have been prevented.? A text message or a social media post can wait until you reach your destination ? it is never worth your life or someone else?s.? If you have any friends or family that text while driving, please educate them of the dangers so they too can be more aware.? Spreading the word will save lives!

Easterns Automotive encourages local high school participation

Fox 5 DC held a pep rally with students from Kettle Run, Liberty, and Fauquier County high schools with games and demonstrations about the importance of safe driving.? Easterns Automotive Group stepped up to sponsor Fox 5?s campaign by choosing to Pay It Forward to the wonderful student body of Fauquier County High School.? Joel Bassam of Easterns made the announcement live on Fox 5 DC with Mike Thomas that Easterns would provide Fauquier students with a free pizza party plus $5 Amazon gift cards for each student?s participation in Eyes Up, Phones Down.? It?s clear that Easterns is still very committed to doing whatever is in the best interest of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community that they have served for over 30 years.

If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that goes above and beyond the call and is worthy of being recognized, Click here to nominate them.

Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.


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