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15 random car facts
For decades, cars have been an essential part of everyday life, but their widespread adoption as the primary means of transportation didn’t happen overnight. Back when automobiles were first introduced to the public in 1886, cars were viewed as a luxury item that only the wealthiest households could afford.
selling car without a title
While it is illegal to sell a car without proof of ownership in most jurisdictions, there are legal ways to sell a car even if you don’t physically have (or can’t find) the title.
selling used car after taking out a loan to purchase
It’s not uncommon to sell a car with an existing loan, especially if your situation changes two or three years into a five- or six-year loan. Car buyers in DC, Maryland and Virginia often look to sell their vehicles after a big life change such as getting married or starting a family.
trade in a financed car
Though it’s a little more complicated than selling or trading in a car you own outright, it is possible to trade in a vehicle that still has a loan. If you decide to trade in your current car before you pay it off, be prepared to do a little bit of work upfront so you are ready to move forward when you get to the dealership.
process for getting an auto loan
The used car buying process can feel intimidating, especially when it comes to financing. It can be easier to focus on things like the color, make or model rather than the most irksome aspect of buying a car — how we plan to pay for it.
What to consider when buying a new car
Car shopping can be exciting yet nerve-wracking. Between financing and finding the perfect car to fit your lifestyle, there are a plethora of decisions you’ll be expected to make when buying a new or used vehicle. A vehicle is a big purchase you’ll use on a daily basis and will ideally keep for several years (or more), which is why it’s so important to feel confident in your choice. While it never hurts to browse a vehicle inventory online or walk through a dealership lot to learn about your options, it’s important to determine the answers to some key questions before making a final purchase decision.
how much can i get for my used car
Parting with a car that’s been with you through thick and thin can be difficult. Knowing its value, and how much its sale might offset the cost of upgrading to a better vehicle, could make the idea of selling it a bit more palatable.
buying a car in a different state
If you’re not finding the ideal pre-owned vehicle near you, you might be tempted to expand your search to neighboring communities. This is especially common in places like Washington, D.C. where residents of the metro area could be living in Virginia or Maryland. It’s not at all uncommon for D.C. car shoppers living on the Maryland-side to purchase a vehicle in Arlington or Alexandria, or vice versa.
can you buy car with credit card
Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a large purchase that comes with some important financial decisions. It’s typical for most car shoppers to finance their purchases with auto loans. If you’d rather not go through the car loan process, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to buy a car using a credit card.
best work vehicle for plumbers and exterminators
Business owners and decision makers searching for cargo vans and work trucks to buy can easily be overwhelmed by all the options available. The good news about the vast selection of trucks and cargo vans is there’s almost certainly the perfect work vehicle for your specific business needs.