Easterns Automotive Group partners with Get Up DC to donate to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Reese Waters and the wonderful Get Up DC staff are always looking for amazing ways to give back to the community.? This week was no exception.? They reached out to Easterns Automotive Group and the rest was history.? Together, they found the wonderful Lucky Dog Animal Rescue non-profit organization.? Waters went to their HQ in Arlington, VA to talk about the amazing work that they do.? The Lucky Dog staff him a brief run down of their organization.? Lucky Dog was founded in 2009 and since then has saved over 14,000 dogs and cats.? Animals that they rescue stay with volunteers until they find stable home for them.? Finding a match is important to them so they put the animal and potential owner through a match making process to ensure that there is a match.? Lucky Dog is a phenomenal organization that understands the importance of animals and their care.? After the visit, Waters walked the Lucky Dog team to his car where he had a trunk full of dog food.? Easterns Automotive Group thought it would be perfect to donate dog food because they know and understand the amount of dogs they are responsible for.? If you would like to learn more about Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, their animal services, and ways you can help ? please click here.