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gifting a car to a family member
Whether you are gifting or selling a car to a family member, you must follow the necessary steps to ensure the vehicle’s title and ownership are transferred correctly. Some documents and fees may vary depending on whether you live in Maryland or Virginia, but the process is essentially the same.
can you buy a car with no credit
Anytime you finance a vehicle purchase (new or used), lenders must confirm that you will be able to repay them before they can offer you an auto loan. For most dealerships and auto lenders, this means making a judgment call based solely on your credit. Easterns Automotive’s uniqueness is defined by our slogan, “Where Your Job Is Your Credit.” Unlike many other dealerships, we’re willing to work with people who have less-than-perfect credit scores.
We were fortunate to come together with FOX to #PayItForward by supporting Hustler Guild. Hustlers Guild is an organization that is changing the lives of kids in the District with their "Beyond the Block" program. The program seeks to give underserved kids the opportunity to explore different careers and dreams beyond their neighborhoods. They connect the kids with mentors and take them to places they may not traditionally visit.
Heavy-Duty Work Trucks for sale
Business owners who rely on fleet vehicles for their operations understand the importance of reliability, fuel efficiency and performance. Work vehicles are more nuanced than outside observers may realize at first glance. Cost is obviously one factor, but it’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for your business.
We partnered with FOX5 to Pay It Forward with the residents of the Godwin House a Senior facility in which they are making mats for the homeless, helping local high schoolers with college essays, helping staff with citizenship studying, and making boxes for Ukraine
The impact of the pandemic has affected our senior citizens greatly. The elder outreach program at South County High school wanted to support the elders in their community by creating the Elder Outreach Program.
We had another opportunity to Pay It Forward with FOX5 during Senior Week. This time with the Senior Line Dancing at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. In appreciation for all they do and have done for their community, we surprised the Senior Line Dancing group members with care packages.
In partnership with FOX5 we teamed up to Pay It Forward to a youth empowerment group Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful in their pursuit to empower young women by preparing for college, gaining more financial literacy, and helping with body acceptance
Easterns Automotive Group saw Sarah's Circle story as part of 7News On Your Side's #HelpingHands initiative last year, and they were moved by the organization's mission.
We partnered with ABC7's #HelpingHands to surprise Alyssa Gialamas, a Paralympian who has started the nonprofit, "AMG Fitness," which stands for "Adapt, Move and Gain," focused on helping those with disabilities with various workout programs.