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The Washington Post names Easterns Automotive Group a 2019 Top Washington-area Workplace

The Washington Post has just released their list for the Top Workplaces of 2019 in the Washington D.C. metro area.  The list is comprised of 152 small, midsize, and large companies of various different industries.  They conduct a third-party survey by Energage, LLC which gives them a good measure of the workplace culture at various companies.  The overall goal of this list is to highlight and recognize companies that are committed to providing a stable and healthy work environment for their employees.


Among the companies listed was used car dealership, Easterns Automotive Group.  Easterns was founded in 1988 and has 7 locations across the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  The Washington Post categorized Easterns as a midsize business because of the total number of employees being 200.  The family dynamic and company culture at Easterns is truly one for the books.  Robert Bassam, founder and CEO of Easterns hosts various company events throughout the year to bring employees together.  In addition to that, he provides weekly lunches for the staff at Easterns corporate office in Sterling, Virginia.  These special moments provide everyone a chance to catch up, celebrate, and encourage one another.  All of which are very important to the atmosphere of the company.


Many know Easterns from their catchy “At Eastern Motors, your job is your credit” jingle or their funny commercials with local athletes from the years.  They still have a tremendous relationship with the Washington Redskins which allows them to partner and come together on various collaborative projects during the NFL season.  However, what truly sets Easterns apart from its competitors is their willingness to give back and be active in the DMV community.  Director of Marketing for Easterns, Joel Bassam, currently works with Fox 5 DC and WUSA 9 on two segments called Pay It Forward and Road to a Better Community.  As the face of Easterns, he is able to represent the true mission statement of the organization.  If you would like to learn more about Easterns Automotive Group, browse the inventory, or learn how you can join the family – please visit



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Road to a Better Community – Laurel Advocacy and Referral Services (LARS)

Easterns and WUSA 9 are back! They pair recently joined forces to do a brand segment of their Road to a Better Community series.  It was important for them to end the month of April on a positive yet inspirational note.  Both were able to accomplish this by finding and highlighting Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services, Inc (LARS).  LARS is 501c3 non-profit organization that serves both homeless and low-income families in Laurel, Maryland.  With Laurel stretching across 3 counties, they are able to impact the residents of Prince George’s, Howard, and Anne Arundel Counties.  An incredible team of local social workers run the program and keep it going.  Being that LARS is a non-profit, they survive on financial donations and volunteer support from their faith-based partner organizations.  Some of their stats for March 2019 include 469 bags of food distributed, 77 referrals, and 5 households assisted with rent (just to name a few).  They are doing such great work helping people in the community achieve stability.  We need organizations like LARS all across the county to help those in need.  Sometimes, all people need is someone to show them love and compassion that can be used as motivation to move in a positive direction.

WUSA 9 and their camera crew went to the LARS Headquarters to meet the staff.  The LARS team received a huge surprise when Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group presented the organization with a check donation of $2,500.  This money will be used to help atleast 2-3 households with rent along with adding food to the food pantry.  More people will now be helped which is truly amazing.  If you would like to learn more about LARS and see how you can get involved by volunteering or making a monetary donation, please click here.



If you want to learn more about Easterns Automotive Group’s partnership with WUSA 9 and how they come together to empower the community, please visit



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Robert Bassam & Easterns Autmomotive Group named 2019 Maryland State Quality Dealer of the Year presented by MidAtlantic IADA


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MidAtlantic Independent Automotive Dealers Association (IADA) recently named Robert Bassam’s company Easterns Automotive Group the 2019 Maryland Quality Dealer of the Year. This is such a prestigious honor! Many don’t know that Easterns started as just an idea Bassam had as a young man. He literally started from the bottom and worked his way up to where he is now with over 300 employees across 7 dealerships in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Easterns is truly light years ahead of the car dealer competition due to the innovation at their corporate facility in Sterling, VA. Every day staff works to turnaround between 30-40 vehicles that are ready for sale. Employees at Easterns really work together as a team despite the department that they work in. They understand that the goal is to sell high quality vehicles.
Throughout the years, Easterns went through several changes due to the economy. In 2008, Easterns had 17 locations across the area and Bassam decided it was best to downsize. The goal was to have less dealerships but convert the remaining small dealerships into larger super centers in the right locations to command customers. The internet also played a huge role in the growth of Easterns. has over 1,000 vehicles that are available to all customers despite the specific location. For example, if a customer likes a vehicle at the Laurel, MD store but their nearest store is Temple Hills, MD Easterns staff will have the vehicle transferred free of cost. After their purchase, customers are able to leave reviews online based on their Easterns car buying experience. This also helps potential customers when deciding on a dealer because they will see that Easterns has a 4.9 out of 5 rating and specializes in providing excellent customer service.
Many know Easterns from the early 2000 jingle commercials that have featured players from the Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards, and Baltimore Ravens. These commercials still garner attention on social media and still often go viral to this day. However, Easterns has another audience that is familiar with their philanthropy in the community. Easterns works with both Fox 5 DC and WUSA 9 on segments that are geared to helping individuals or organizations in need. Recently, Easterns stepped up to the plate to donate $10,000 a week to two Loudoun County food banks until the end of the government shutdown. The shutdown left hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed without pay. Bassam always does his best to make sure Easterns is present in the community that has supported his brand for over 30 years.



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Easterns Automotive Group nominated for Best In Business in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce gathers every year to celebrate the “Best In Business” during their annual awards ceremony.  The 2018 awards ceremony took place last week at the George Washington National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.  While Easterns Automotive Group did not make the final cut to win an award, they sponsor the event and also became a finalist for the 2018 Large Business of the Year.  Winners are chosen by an anonymous selection committee who reviews the nominee applications.  B3 Solutions was chosen as this year’s Large Business of the Year winner.  Congratulations to them!  For Easterns, it is truly an honor to have been selected amongst the biggest businesses in Alexandria, Virginia.   The staff at Easterns Automotive Group plans to continue working hard by expanding and providing the top notch customer service that they are known for.  Easterns has been in business for over 30 years and has 7 various car dealership stores located conveniently throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  Please visit to learn more and to shop the inventory of over 1,000 certified pre owned used vehicles (cars, trucks, and SUVS).

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Easterns Automotive Group Wins Dealer Rater 2018 Consumer Satisfaction Awards

The goal of most businesses is to provide great service to their customers. When you provide customers with top-notch service, they are more inclined to come back and even tell their friends and family. Word of mouth is extremely important and honestly the reason that many businesses are able to succeed. Easterns Automotive Group has 5 dealerships located conveniently located throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area with a 6 location coming soon. The owner of Easterns Automotive Group, Robert Bassam, values the voice and opinion of his customers. Easterns uses a platform called Dealer Rater where customers are able to write reviews and give feedback based on their visit or actual car buying experience. The platform itself has become the global hub not only reviews but for car recalls and research as well. Dealer Rater allows Easterns to measure just how happy their customers are based upon the reviews and ratings being sent in. Each Easterns store has a 4.5 or better rating on Dealer Rater with several of their stores just being shy of 5.0. Clearly, customers are pleased with Easterns, the quality of their certified pre-owned vehicles, and what they have to offer but apparently Dealer Rater is as well.

Dealer Rater just announced that every single Easterns location has received a 2018 Consumer Satisfaction Award. These awards are given to the top tier dealerships around the country. This will be the third consecutive year that Easterns stores all received Consumer Satisfaction Awards. It is a true testament that Easterns is dedicated to providing nothing but the best in terms of service to all of their customers.


Sterling, VA

Laurel, MD

Rosedale, MD

Temple Hills, MD

Hyattsville, MD

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Easterns Automotive Group Wins Several Awards from Dealer Rater AGAIN!

Every business wants to be connected to their customers. Some just do not know how. In terms of the automotive industry, a company by the name of Dealer Rater has created the formula to do just that. Chip Grueter, the founder of Dealer Rater, noticed the void in the market for car dealerships reviews back in 2002. During that time, there were no websites that connected car dealerships to their customers and allowed customers to voice their opinion about the dealer or the customer service that they received. Over 15 years later, Dealer Rater has over 2 million customer reviews and more than 14 million customers. It has become the global hub for car recalls, research, and service & dealer reviews.
The owner of Easterns Automotive Group, Robert Bassam, knows the importance of his customers having a voice. Easterns implemented Dealer Rater into their online repertoire. Easterns has six locations in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. It is imperative that all these customers have a voice and a platform to speak on their experience with Easterns. More importantly, it’s vital that the staff do their job and represent the company to the best of their ability. The overall goal is to have customers speak highly of your company, not negatively.
Dealer Rater gives out awards at the end of the year to deserving dealers. The first awards are the Dealer of the Year awards. These awards are given to a select number of car dealerships located in the United States and Canada for outstanding customer satisfaction. The winners of these awards are chosen by the amount and quality of the customer online reviews. Easterns of Temple Hills was announced as the Dealer of the Year for used cars in the state of Maryland. This is definitely a major accomplishment that the whole team is proud of. Easterns won big because that was not just their only award. Dealer Rater also issues another annual set of awards for Consumer Satisfaction. These awards are given to the top tier car dealerships. Easterns of Hyattsville, Easterns of Laurel, Easterns of Baltimore, and Easterns of Manassas all received Customer Satisfaction Awards for the third year in a row! Easterns Automotive Group is a true testament that caring about your customers and making them your number one priority pays off.



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Easterns Automotive Group – A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Easterns Automotive Group, founded by Robert Bassam, houses 6 used car dealerships throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Easterns is easily one of the biggest names heard across the DC Metro area. This is because here at Easterns, we commit ourselves one hundred percent to customer service, honesty, and making all customers feel comfortable. Beyond that, Easterns has over 30 different lenders to accommodate the financial needs of any and all of our customers. It is a big deal to us that our customers feel important because they are. Being in business for over 25 years and selling over 100,000 certified used cars is no easy feat. Our key is treating everyone equal. We share the same community; therefore, we are one big family.

Easterns Automotive Group BBB Business Review
Being a BBB Accredited Business certainly doesn’t come over night. We make it a priority every day to handle any and all of our customers’ needs that come our way. Here at Easterns, we encourage customers to write reviews based on their experience with us during their visit. We thoroughly enjoy reading and responding to our customers. Partnering with websites like Dealer Rater, Edmunds, and has made it easy to communicate and connect with our customers directly. There is nothing like being able to chat answer questions or give feedback to our customers in a timely manner to better assist them. Majority of the feedback that comes in is positive. However, when a customer does have a concern or is unhappy for any reason; we waste no time in getting the situation handled directly and immediately.

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