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sell your car to a dealership

Yes – at least at Easterns Automotive Group. You can sell us your car for cash without buying a different one from our lot. Whether a dealership will buy your vehicle outright – and what they’re willing to pay – is highly dependent on the dealership.

Some dealerships may be less likely to take some vehicles. A dealership that just sells sports cars or luxury brands may not be at all interested in purchasing a 2005 Toyota Camry or a 2003 Jeep, even if your vehicle still has a lot of miles left in it.

At Easterns Automotive, we’re not brand, year or model elitists. Even if your car has problems, we may still be able to work something out so you can at least get some cash or at the very least credit towards a new vehicle.

Car owners in Baltimore, Washington D.C. or anywhere in Maryland that want to sell their car, truck

cars that hold their value the best

When seriously considering purchasing a vehicle, there are a lot more factors to consider than just the model, make and color that you want. What drives the automotive industry is value.

It’s a good idea to consider depreciation when shopping a used car dealership for a pre-owned vehicle. Most Americans want a car that is going to last and hold its value. The pursuit of long-lasting value has resulted in a shift towards reliability in the auto industry in recent years. regularly tracks vehicle resales to determine which best retain their value. Sports utility vehicles and trucks are currently holding their value best. That’s not a huge surprise considering big trucks and SUVs have long been associated with the American way of life. Many drivers have traded in their four-door sedans for midsize and large SUVs.

The main type of vehicle missing from most of the top 10 lowest depreciation lists are hybrid vehicles

car buying online

People born in the ‘80s or earlier can still remember a time when people had to look in the yellow pages, call a business or drive somewhere to learn more about products. Love it or hate it, the internet has completely changed the way people live their lives and shop.

The stigma associated with buying a used car was built over the latter half of the 20th century. People told jokes about “lemons” and used car salesmen that were often false or exaggerated, even then.

The internet has gone a long way towards dispelling those tropes.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a car online to take advantage of safer used car dealership shopping experiences. Online inventories, pre-owned certifications and a nearly limitless supply of information has made online research and vehicle purchases from used car dealerships an easy choice for many car shoppers.

Quality Verifications

Concerns about reliability are certainly not exclusive to used

Maryland EV tax credit Incentives

We haven’t quite made it to flying cars like The Jetsons, but we do at least have electric cars. They are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and typically require less maintenance. States, the federal government and manufacturers are also incentivizing the purchase of electric vehicles with rebates and tax credits. Purchasing an electric car can save you money and save the planet. 

Maryland is one of 10 states that participates in the Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) program. The ZEV program aims to reduce harmful emissions by requiring automakers to meet certain electric and hybrid vehicle production and sales quotas based on the number of non-electric cars they sell.

In addition to ZEV, Maryland’s Department of Transportation and the state’s Energy Administration have partnered to encourage residents to purchase electric vehicles (EVs). Their efforts have culminated in multiple current and future incentives for those who do purchase an EV. 

Tax Credits for EV Vehicle Purchases

Electric car buyers

buying new car vs used car

Being in the market to buy a new car can be overwhelming, especially with all the ways to buy a car these days. The internet has made the new and used car market easily accessible to all, but the debate is still ongoing about purchasing a car with 0 miles versus 30,000 miles.

The truth is that buying a car is personal, so the real question is, what is better for you? Most car buyers are focused on value; that is why at Eastern Automotive, we believe buying a used vehicle tends to be the better choice for shoppers.

If you are trying to decide if you should buy a used car or a brand-new car, here are some factors to consider.

New Car Versus Used Care Depreciation

What is depreciation? It is the reduction of value over time. The rate of depreciation on brand-new vehicles tends to be accelerated. A new car can depreciate

buying a car vs leasing a car

Every driver’s financial situation is unique, especially right now. COVID-19 has been extraordinarily tough on many families. Maybe you’ve had trouble finding work, or one of the normal wage earners in your household has had to forgo regular employment to stay home with your kids during the day.

There are a nearly endless number of reasons for people to be on a tight budget, but many of those reasons won’t prevent you from qualifying for pre-owned vehicle financing.

At Easterns Automotive, helping people in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas qualify for great financing is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition.

However, getting a loan and purchasing a used car, truck or SUV may not be your only option. Another service that sets Easterns Automotive apart is our pre-owned vehicle leasing program.

When Might Leasing Be the Right Option for You?

Leasing is often the ideal solution for a