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Why Selling Your Car to a Dealership Is Better Than an Online Marketplace

There are several reasons why selling your vehicle to a local dealership is a better, more convenient option for most car sellers in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Maryland:

  • It’s straightforward and nearby
  • You might have an existing relationship with the dealership
  • You don’t have to deal with the logistics of selling a car online
  • You’ll be working with a registered business that use properly secured transactions

Trust and Reputation

It’s not in any dealership’s interest to take advantage of people selling their cars. Local dealerships have a reputation to uphold, and they want you to come back to them the next time you want to buy or sell a vehicle.

If a dealership takes advantage of you, treats you poorly or gives you a bad deal, they are essentially losing a customer forever. That customer could also tell their friends about a dealership’s bad behavior or vent about their treatment online. Any dealership that wants to maintain a good reputation must treat customers fairly. Loyalty doesn’t matter to online marketplaces. They might have hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers worldwide – losing your business or getting one bad review doesn’t mean anything to them.

Do You Know How to Sell a Car on an Online Marketplace?

Unless you’ve already researched or gone through the process of selling a car online you might not have any idea how it works. Selling a car to a dealership is simple and intuitive:

  1. Get an offer
  2. Drive the car to the lot
  3. Exchange your keys for a stack of bills or a check

To sell your car on an online marketplace, you usually have to:

  1. Download an app, make an account and figure out how to use it (you’ll also likely get spam emails for the foreseeable future)
  2. Take lots of pictures of your vehicle, inside and out and from all angles
  3. Go through the process of filling out all your vehicles information
  4. Write a report on your vehicle’s condition, history and warranty
  5. Enter the price YOU want
  6. Decide where and how your vehicle will be listed in the marketplace
  7. Depending on the marketplace you may need to meet prospective buyers for test drives or inspections
  8. Once it sells you have to get it to the buyer  

Some online marketplaces are also hotbeds of scam artists and creeps.

There’s no guarantee someone you meet from Craigslist is going to be safe. You can maybe report scammers and dangerous people to the platform, but the offenders can just make a new account and keep doing what they’re doing.

Some of the better online marketplaces will come pick your car up when you sell it. These higher-end platforms take extra steps on their end to make the process less cumbersome for car sellers, but in many of those cases the marketplace ends up taking a bigger cut of the sale since they’re putting in so much of the work.

Local dealerships are easy to use, and you have an opportunity to negotiate and exert more agency over the process.

Peace of Mind and Security

Meeting up with random strangers for a car inspection, test drive or to exchange your car for cash can be dangerous and unpredictable. Handshake deals and cash exchanges aren’t exactly secured. There’s little to no recourse if the check they give you bounces, or if you’re the buyer and you find out the title isn’t clear when a repo man tows your new car off.

A lot of car buyers also want some kind of guarantee of reliability and quality. They’ll want to see Carfax or some other kind of preowned certification or warranty. If you’re selling on a marketplace or you’re just listing your car on Craigslist or a similar website, any warranties or certifications you offer will have to be done by you.

In many cases certified preowned vehicle warranties are transferable, but the new owner will need to let the manufacturer know the vehicle has changed hands. A lot of automakers charge extra fees for warranty transfers.

If maintaining the certified preowned warranty is important to you or you’re using it as a selling point, you should look into the transferability of the warranty. Some automakers have special rules that may or may not invalidate warranties if you sell a certified preowned vehicle.

Avoid the Headache

Whether selling your car on an online marketplace will net you more or less money is debatable. Chances are any difference will be negligible, especially now when preowned vehicles are selling for record high amounts.

If you want to get a great price on your vehicle sale, call Easterns Automotive at (877) 867-4212. We’ve created an easy process that allows you to sell us your car for cash way more quickly and easily than any online marketplace. We can give you an offer in three hours and you can finalize the deal right afterwards. No meeting prospective buyers for test drives in parking lots, no need to create a picture gallery of your vehicle and no paranoia about whether or not you’re getting a fair deal.

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