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Has the Ability to Buy a Car Online Truly Revolutionized the Car Buying Process?

Shopping online is preferred by many. You don’t even have to leave your couch to buy anything from clothing to cleaning products. Online car buying has also been increasing in popularity. You can browse millions of cars online from all around the world, but unlike clothing, books or gadgets, cars are big, expensive investments.

Car shopping can be challenging. You might want a reliable, budget-friendly model, or maybe even a vehicle that’s sporty and filled with the latest features. Finding the right one is frequently easier said than done. 

The internet allows you to browse a wide variety of models without having to drive anywhere or spend any time in a dealership. Browsing online can save time and reduce the effort normally required for such a big purchase. You might even enjoy looking at several cars without the hassle of a car salesman. 

Even people who aren’t going to purchase a vehicle online tend to browse selections, check customer reviews and calculate potential car payments through research on the internet.

Dealership websites often have detailed photos of preowned vehicles and lots of features and facts listed for each car, truck or SUV in their inventory.

But when it comes down to the actual purchasing transaction, most car buying is still done in person.

Cons of Online Car Buying

While there are many pros to looking for a vehicle to purchase online, there are many cons.

  • The biggest con is you don’t get to inspect or test drive a vehicle before you purchase it. In a survey done by Autotrader, 67 percent of people said they had to test drive a vehicle before purchasing it. They consider it to be an essential part of the buying process.
  • If you’re using a specific app to purchase a vehicle you lose the ability to visit multiple dealerships to get them to compete for your business.
  • Purchases online also may not include a breakdown of the costs included in the purchase of a vehicle. As a result, some additional fees might get charged without you noticing. 
  • Shopping online also makes financing a vehicle more difficult. The choices may be limited, and no one is there to shop around for different financing companies for you. Some online purchases may limit you to certain lenders and restrict you from additional options. 
  • Buying online complicates the trade-in process. Although some companies offer pick-up and delivery, you could get shorted on the full value of your vehicle. 
  • Many online car buying platforms offer generous return policies, but they are still a hassle. Getting your hopes up on a great pre-owned vehicle then having to deal with returning it and going without a car again is frustrating.

The Best of Both Worlds in Car Shopping

Easterns Automotive tries to give you the best of both worlds with Direct Car Buying. allows car shoppers to browse a large selection and have the car they want delivered to a dealership closest to them. This method allows the buyer to shop online and not have to travel far to pick up a great pre-owned vehicle. They also have a chance to see the vehicle before they take it home.  

Online inventories are great for new and used car buyers. Easterns Automotive has a substantial online inventory with nearly 1,000 vehicles for sale in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area. We aim to make car buying as simple as possible for customers.

While buying a car online is appealing to many people, seeing the car in person is always ideal, especially if it is a pre-owned vehicle. You want to confirm the quality of the vehicle and make sure you get what you are paying for.

Call us at (888) 650-4775 or come into one of our many locations and test drive a car today.


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