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What Is a Low-Maintenance Car?

Every car, truck or SUV in the Washington DC or Baltimore area requires regular servicing to help maximize its longevity and performance, but some vehicles require more frequent visits to a dealership or mechanic than others.

Vehicle maintenance isn’t entirely about mechanical or electrical issues. Things like auto insurance, the cost of fuel and taxes are all added prices you’ll need to pay to continue driving your vehicle. These added costs of vehicle ownerships might also be considered maintenance costs by some.

By that standard, any vehicle that can be well maintained with oil changes and tire rotations but also offers low insurance and registration fees qualifies as low maintenance.

Used Hondas

Consumer Report has a helpful guide for the average maintenance cost of previously owned vehicles that are 5- or 10-years old. The difference in maintenance between certain car makers is striking.

Hondas generally have a reputation for being a reliable brand, and many of their vehicles do make the least expensive to maintain list, including the 2011 Honda CR-V, Fit and Ridgeline. Only the 2011 Honda Odyssey and Pilot made the most expensive to maintain and repair list.

Used Toyotas

Toyota Priuses especially earned a reputation as being one of the more reliable, long-lasting hybrid vehicles. According to Consumer Report they have approximately $260 in repair costs at the 10-year mark. Other low maintenance Toyotas (at the 10-year mark) included Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Tacoma, and Tundra.

Used Chevrolets

If you are in the market for a used Chevrolet, the Silverado 1500 and Tahoe were cited as being low maintenance models at the 10-year mark by Consumer Report. The Chevrolet Suburban and Traverse have on average $590 and $900 respectively in maintenance and repair costs at the 10-year mark.

Used Hyundais

Hyundai Genesis made Consumer Report’s list as being a low-maintenance model at the 10-year mark, with repair and maintenance costs running at approximately $200.

Used Nissans

We could not “leaf” the Nissan Leaf off this list – according to Consumer Reports this vehicle had no maintenance or repair costs associated with it at the 10-year mark.

If you are looking for a pickup truck, then a Nissan Frontier may be the final frontier for you with a low 10-year $200 maintenance and repair price tag attached to it.

Which Vehicles Have the Lowest Insurance Costs?

Your vehicle is just one of many factors that go into the equation that determines your auto insurance premiums. Other factors include your age, gender, the state and city in which you live and drive, your driving record and even your credit. The only factors insurance companies aren’t allowed to consider when determining your insurance costs are race and religion.

The vehicle you choose can have a positive or negative impact on your auto insurance rates. The insurance company will take into account:

  • How frequently the make and model is stolen
  • The vehicle’s engine size
  • The car’s official safety record and rating
  • Whether it is equipped with cutting-edge safety equipment
  • The replacement cost of the vehicle
  • The cost of repairs

There are several important things to keep in mind when purchasing a car that will be relevant to your insurance costs.

  • Used cars cost less to insure since they’ve already depreciated quite a bit by the time you purchase it
  • Older vehicle that don’t have quite as many fancy electronics or gadgets are less expensive to repair which often means lower insurance rates

Many pre-owned vehicles available at Easterns Automotive also come equipped with some of the latest safety features, which may entitle you to an insurance discount.

Get a Great Used Car, Truck or SUV with Low Maintenance Costs in Baltimore or Washington DC

There may be other costs in addition to price associated with the purchase of a previously owned vehicle, so if you are in the market for a used car, truck or SUV in Maryland or Virginia, check out our selection at Easterns Automotive Group. Give us a call at (877) 867-0641 or browse our inventory to find a low-maintenance vehicle that’s right for you.

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