Do Used Cars offer Manufacture Warranties or Original Warranties?

Does Any Type of Warranty Come With My Used Car?

If you are used to a new car purchase, then you are used to getting a warranty that will cover any issues on your car for a certain period of time. If you are now in the market for a used car, one of the main questions you might have is…does a warranty come with the car?

Used Car Warranties Explained

In this video above, Joel Bassam, the Director of Marketing for Easterns Automotive Group, breaks down what car warranties are. Warranties in the automotive space can be surprisingly complicated, and things get more complicated when purchasing a used car. There are two types of warranties, the original manufacturer warranty, and extended warranties. 


The Original Manufacturer’s Warranty

The first type of warranty to consider is the original manufacturer’s car warranty. It will stick with the vehicle regardless of ownership, so some used cars will still have coverage at the time of purchase. You can always see what remains on the CarFax report.


Extended Warranties from Easterns Automotive

You can choose to extend the coverage by purchasing an additional vehicle service contract or extended warranty. At Easterns Automotive Group, our extended car warranties are designed to keep your car in great shape and keep you on the road for as long as possible. Repairing and replacing all protected parts and labor will be covered, in addition to added benefits like roadside assistance, towing coverage, rental car reimbursement and more. Finally, every car purchased from Easterns is backed up by a 7-day return policy and a 30-day, 1,000-mile warranty. Remember, at Easterns Automotive Group, your job is your credit!