All About Easterns Automotive Group Car Photography

Ever wonder how we get such great looking photos of our inventory? We know online shoppers want to have a detailed look at any vehicle that they might potentially want to buy, and are pleased to offer our customers an incredible look at each car, without ever having to leave your home!

In this video, Joel Bassam, the Director of Marketing at Easterns Automotive Group, gives an eye-opening look into how we go above and beyond to make our cars picture-perfect. We have a dedicated, one-of-a-kind photography booth located in our reconditioning complex. The centerpiece of the room rotates so that we can offer 360-degree views of every car. We custom designed and produced a 24’ x 24’ lightbox to showcase every vehicle in its best light. Our two full-time professional photographers work throughout the day, taking 80 pictures per car so that every customer gets a transparent look at exactly what they are getting. Stay tuned for more inside looks at how we stand in a class of our own. Always remember—at Eastern Motors, your job is your credit!