The History of Easterns Automotive Group and The Washington Redskins

In this video, Joel Bassam, the Director of Marketing at Easterns Automotive Group, walks through a brief sampling of the history between our hometown team, The Washington Redskins, and Easterns. It all began 15 years ago when Lavar Arrington helped us to recruit our first all-star commercial cast. That first commercial had plenty of household names, including Clinton Portis, Lavar Arrington, Carlos Rogers and Sean Taylor. From that first commercial, our relationship grew to include the entire Redskins organization and not just the upstanding players. As of 2018, we’ve been a partner of the Redskins for over 13 years, and one of the first things local residents anticipate when a new player arrives in town is seeing them in an Easterns Automotive Group commercial. And yes, the ads are supposed to be corny! Learn more about our relationship with The Washington Redskins and check out our other commercials here. Always remember—at Eastern Motors, your job is your credit!