Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week: First Ever Eastern Motors Commercial

Thursday is upon us! It?s only right that we bring you guys another Throwback Thursday Clip of the week presented by Easterns Automotive Group. In case you aren?t familiar, Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) is a premiere car dealership with 6 locations that has been serving hard working men and women of DC, Maryland, and Virginia for over 30 years now. We thought it would only be right to take you back and show you how Easterns got to where it is today. There would be no present without the past. The clip that was chosen is from 1993 and is the very first televised Eastern Motors commercial. The first noticeable thing in the video is the age of the cars that were shown throughout the commercial. It?s a testament to how much time has changed and how much cars have advanced from several years ago. The video quality in the commercial is not the HD quality that we are used today; in fact, it is quite blurry. Technology in 1993 of course was far less advanced than it is in 2018. However, it makes for great content because it brings back a feeling of nostalgia. Clips like this take you back in your mind and make you reminisce about what you were doing or where you were in life during that particular time period. People are now able to see the evolution of Easterns starting with the very first commercial and compare it to the more recent ones. Even though the two are night and day, there is one thing that stayed the same. ?Eastern Motors, your job is your credit!? The slogan was the same in 1993 as it is in 2018. It?s clear that Easterns owner and CEO Robert Bassam started Easterns with vision that he has been able to successfully execute throughout the years. Easterns has always been a car dealership that has been for the people and it?s clear that won?t be changing any time soon.

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