Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Eastern Motors Commercial Skit w/ Jason Campbell and Chris Cooley

It?s that time of the week! We are back to bring you another Throwback Thursday Clip of Week from Easterns Automotive Group. For this commercial, Easterns recruited NFL stars Jason Campbell and Jason Cooley during their time playing football for the Washington Redskins. Usually the talent in the Easterns commercials sings along to the jingle but this time they wanted to try something different. Since both Campbell and Cooley were football players it made perfect sense to do a skit. It made perfect sense that the commercial skit was filmed in the Redskins locker room. The two players exchanged dialogue and went back and fourth about their football skills until Cooley accused Campbell of spending all his time buying cars at Eastern Motors instead of improving his football skills. Campbell didn?t deny his love for Easterns but he did challenge what Cooley said by making Cooley admit that he also loves to drive cars from Easterns as well. After watching the commercial, fans were able to take away that Easterns was the place to go when looking for a car and also how competitive these two are when it comes to the sport that they love.

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