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MidAtlantic Independent Automotive Dealers Association (IADA) recently named Robert Bassam?s company Easterns Automotive Group the 2019 Maryland Quality Dealer of the Year. This is such a prestigious honor! Many don?t know that Easterns started as just an idea Bassam had as a young man.
Eastern Motors, founded by Robert Bassam, recently teamed up to donate $1,250 and sponsor The Evergreen Hammers Youth Football Association (EHYFA) for their 2018 football season. The Dulles Patriots and the Loudoun Lions merged together to form the Evergreen Hammers.
Robert Bassam founded Easterns Automotive Group and serves as its chief executive officer (CEO). Based in Washington, D.C., Easterns features six used-car dealerships and is operated through a Sterling, Virginia-based centralized corporate facility. In 1986, Bassam relocated to the D.C. region from Miami, Florida, to serve as a Mexican restaurant waiter.