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Helping Hands: Crimson Heat All Stars

At Easterns Automotive Group, we believe in the power of community, and our latest Helping Hands with 7News DC, we were able to surprise the Crimson Heat All Stars. This Maryland-based nonprofit is dedicated to providing physical fitness, social development, leadership, and academic excellence to youth aged 4 to 18 throughout the DMV area, with the primary goal of making competitive cheerleading more accessible for the youth of Washington, D.C.

Coach Veronica Burton, a dedicated advocate for youth development, has been giving back for an impressive 24 years. For Burton, it’s not just about cheerleading; it’s about instilling life lessons that extend beyond the field. Whether mastering stunts or perfecting dance routines, Burton takes pride in the personal growth and achievements of her young athletes.

“Cheerleading is our tool, and it’s the instrument that we use to transform lives,” Burton expressed passionately. “Here we are 24 years later – working with kids and trying to be phenomenal people. It was important for us to give them a competitive athletic experience but using that as a tool to shape their future growth.”

Inside what they fondly refer to as the “fire house” at the Capitol Heights gym, the Crimson Heat All Stars train each afternoon. Their full-year program consists of six months of intensive training and another six months dedicated to competing. What makes this program truly special is that all the coaches are volunteers who have emerged from the very program they now support.

Recently, Easterns Automotive Group had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with 7News to surprise the Crimson Heat All Stars with a 7News Helping Hand. The financial support provided by Easterns Automotive Group aims to contribute to the children’s training space, travel opportunities, and the wonderful experiences that shape their growth.

“Every penny counts! These dollars help these children have a great space to train and be able to travel and do the wonderful things that they do – we are so grateful. Wow, thank you!” expressed Coach Veronica Burton with heartfelt gratitude.

At Easterns Automotive Group, we’re honored to stand alongside organizations like the Crimson Heat All Stars, dedicated to molding future leaders and fostering positive growth within our community. As we continue to give back, we look forward to supporting even more initiatives that make a lasting difference in the lives of our youth.