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A new week means a new hilarious throwback clip from Easterns. In this funny video, Biz Markie makes an appearance for the first time. For those who don?t know, Biz Markie is a notable rapper from the 90s with the hit song ?Just a Friend? that still plays on the radio today and is actually made VH1?s list of the 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of all time.
Easterns is a company known for their transparency along with the open and honest communication with customers. Robert Bassam built Easterns Automotive Group on the foundation of providing any and all customers with excellent customer service in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. In this Throwback Thursday clip of the week, two Easterns employees are shown telling customers the word ?no?.
Every week just keeps getting better with these awesome Throwback Thursday videos. In this clip, LaVar Arrington is seen speaking with a customer about a vehicle. The customer then proceeds to ask a question about the size of the trunk.
In this funny clip, Carlos Rogers is seen pushing an Easterns employee to the ground after overhearing his bad customer service skills. Easterns does not encourage violence. These funny skits are just used to show people that Easterns takes customer service very seriously. Many car dealers will tell their customers ?no? if they feel like they won?t be able to help them.
In this funny clip, Sean Taylor is seen tackling a car salesman. He then proceeds to stress the importance of customer care. At Eastern Motors (Easterns Automotive Group), the customers are the number one and top priority. It was truly refreshing to watch Sean Taylor in this clip because as most know he passed away back in 2007.
In this clip, LaVar Arrington is seen reinforcing the importance of customer service after seeing a salesman take a call while conversing with a customer. This is definitely something that should never be done. Eastern Motors (Easterns Automotive Group) prides themselves on being a company that provides excellent customer service.
It is clear to say that starting in the 2000s, Eastern Motors became a phenomenon. Rarely do you see a branch of car dealerships become a household name both locally and nationally. Easterns had the ability to do what most brands and companies couldn?t. They are most known for their catchy jingle and hilarious commercials with celebrities and major sports players.