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Helping Hands: Mind Wellness Foundation

An honorable non-profit focused on mental health is being founded by a couple in memory of their son. Reggie and Dedeen Vaughn’s son, Chris, was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered from mental health issues before taking his own life a year ago. Before his passing, his last words were “Listen to your strong friends.” People often appear to be strong and okay but really may be battling other struggles. 

During this tragedy, they sought to create a foundation in honor of Chris, called the Mind and Wellness Foundation. It was created to help others with mental health issues but especially young people. 

Joel Bassam joined virtually with a special message as 7 News and Easterns Automotive Group surprised the family with a Helping Hand. 

“The Mind and Wellness Foundation is an incredible organization. Committing yourselves to eradicate the stigma around mental health and changing the narrative to help others after the loss your family has experienced is an amazing way to help others,” said Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group. “We want to support your cause by donating $2,000 to continue helping those in need.”

To learn more about the Mind & Wellness Foundation, click here.