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On Random Acts of Kindness Day we teamed up with ABC 7 during this Helping Hands to surprise random people with gift cards.
Operation Understanding has been giving back to the community for the past 30 years now. The nonprofit brings students together to fight racism, antisemitism and discrimination. Amazed by this nonprofit's incredible work in our community, we wanted to surprise them with a 7 News #HelpingHand.
On this Helping Hands with ABC 7, we had a special surprise for S.A.F.E DC, a non-profit that provides tennis and educational programs for the youth of DC.
Inclusive Pathways to Success (IPS) provides new skills and opportunities for differently abled students, and we are amazed by the work they are doin for others. On this helping Hands with 7News DC we had a special surprise for them.
With our partners at ABC7 we were able to lend a #HelpingHand to Forever Moriah Foundation. Forever Moriah Foundation is a nonprofit that works tirelessly to support children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening conditions.
Jude Adler, created "Mummies for Mouths" to help feed others in need. On this Helping Hands with 7News we had a special surprise for his nonprofit.
Brown Station Elementary School students and staff jumped into action after an explosion occurred across the street at an apartment complex. We wanted to show our appreciation, so we took the time to Pay It Forward with Fox 5 DC. Easterns donated gift bags full of goodies as a token of gratitude for the work they have done in the community.
Eric and his wife, Bridgette, have been feeding 1000s of people every month for the last six years through their nonprofit, Operation Earnie's Plate. We were inspired by what they are doing to improve our community and wanted to lend a #HelpingHand.
After facing the loss of their son, Reggie and Dedeen Vaughn created a non-profit to help other young people dealing with mental health issues called the Mind Wellness Foundation. Supporting their cause on this Helping Hands with 7 News was an honor!
On this Helping Hands partnered with ABC 7, we wanted to honor SMYAL's dedication to the youth of the LGBTQ+ community by donating $2,000 towards their mission!