Helping Hands – Frontline Healthcare Workers at Inova Fairfax

Hospitals are still working diligently to care for COVID-19 patients. Even though it may seem as if the world is returning to some form of normalcy, hospital workers are the true heroes that face the real effects of COVID-19 every day. We wanted to step up and show our frontline healthcare workers that we appreciate them.

We surprised 150 healthcare workers at Inova Fairfax with lunch from Ciao Osteria in Centreville! Joel Bassam joined virtually to share how Easterns Automotive Group wanted to highlight the true heroes who keep everyone safe during this crisis. It is necessary to show them that we cherish their endless hard work and care for our loved ones during this trying time.

The Inova Fairfax Covid response team appreciated the community working together to thank them for their commitment. Ciao Osteria’s owner expressed how important it is that we take care of each other, and we couldn’t agree more!

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