Helping Hands – Surprising a 94-year-old woman that lost her home

Easterns Introduces Helping Hands Program

Easterns Automotive Group is known for their philanthropic efforts in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia communities. Yesterday, they announced their new Helping Hands segment partnership with ABC 7 (WJLA-TV). Helping Hands will be geared toward uplifting and helping those in need. To kick off the new segment, Robert and Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group decided they wanted to surprise a woman who was recently in the news. 94-year-old Rae Costanzo of Mechanicsville, Maryland made headlines last week for losing her home and dog in a tragic house fire. As if losing everything wasn?t already bad enough, her insurance company canceled her policy just days before the fire occurred. All of which happened without her knowledge. The insurance company did not warn or give Costanzo a heads up that the policy she had for 10 years was now canceled. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not have to send out cancellation letters in the state of Maryland. Costanzo?s son, Jimmy was unable to save their dog in the fire. It is such a tragic loss for the family because of course material things can be replaced but a loved pet cannot.
Easterns Automotive Group Donates to Local Fire Victim
When the team at Easterns Automotive Group saw Costanzo?s story on ABC 7, they wanted to step in and help. ABC 7 cameras were present when Robert Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group surprised the entire Costanzo family at the site of the deadly fire. Bassam surprised Costanzo with a check for $5,000 to help with her and her family?s efforts to rebuild the home. The whole family was overwhelmed with joy and excitement by the generosity of Easterns. There is a Go Fund Me posted for those that wish to donate to this deserving family. Please click here to learn more and make a contribution to their rebuild fund.
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