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Get Up Give Back – Desks by Dads


COVID-19 is continuing to provide its fair share of challenges.? One of these is virtual learning also called distance learning for children in school.? Kids have had to adjust to everyday life as they know it and now learn from the comfort of their own homes.? Unfortunately, not all children have the same resources that make it easy to attend virtual schooling.

Two parents named Jess and Al Berrellez of Gaithersburg, Maryland took it upon themselves to create a nonprofit organization called Desks by Dads.? It was created to help children of low-income families.? They collect and build free desks to donate them to students in the community.??Children deserve to have dedicated, effective, and comfortable workstations to support virtual learning.? Having a proper work environment plays a huge role in a student’s overall success.

Throughout the pandemic, the Berrellez couple has been hard at work donating the desks that they have built and collected to nearby schools.? To date, over 37 desks have been given to the students that need them the most.? They have gone above and beyond to show the community that they care during this troubled time.

Reese Waters of WUSA 9’s Get Up DC was able to chat with Jess Berrellez on Zoom to discuss the Desks by Dads movement.? It was then when he informed her that she was being featured on their Get Up Give Back segment that is sponsored by Easterns Automotive Group.? He proceeded to surprise her with a donation for $1,000 on behalf of Easterns to continue carrying out their mission by building more desks.? Desks by Dads is currently accepting volunteers as well as donations.? If you want to learn more about Desks by Dads and how you can get involved, please click here.


Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA 9 are always here to help. If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that is worthy of being helped or recognized, please contact at @ReeseWaters on social media. #GetUpDC #GetUpGiveBack

Youtube Link ? https://youtu.be/5aCxGn6DeNQ

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