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Easterns Automotive Group is committed to making the Buick shopping process as easy and worry-free as possible. We’re committed to helping local car buyers find low prices on the highest-quality Buicks. All our used cars for sale include a 7 Day Return Policy and 30 Day / 1,000 Mile Warranty.

Buick Dealer Serving Frederick, MD

Are you having trouble finding a great Buick for a competitive low price in Frederick? Visit Easterns Automotive so you can bring your search to an end. You’ll find exceptional Buick models at our dealerships, including the Enclave, Encore and Envision. 

Find Great Used Buick Cars and SUVs for Sale

Car shoppers who are looking for exceptional features, style and utility should strongly consider a Buick. Easterns Automotive lots are home to a diverse range  of Buick models in an array of trims. Our skilled sales team excel at listening to our customers and helping them find the Buick that’s right for their needs. 

Which Used Buick Is Right for Me?

There’s a right Buick for every car shopper – even if they don’t know it yet. Buick isn’t necessarily unique just because they make great vehicles, but they do set themselves apart by making cars and SUVs that perfectly blend utility, performance and style at a variety of affordable price points – especially when you shop for a certified pre-owned Buick. 

Enclave: You’d be right to ask yourself, “How did Buick become known as the ‘old person’s car?’” after test driving a Buick Enclave. It’s impossible to describe this mid-size SUV that’s great for city or country driving as antiquated. In addition to looking sharp and boasting great performance, a pre-owned Buick Enclave is also affordable. 

Encore: What is the most luxurious Buick? From a purely technical standpoint, the Buick Encore might not be their most luxurious vehicle, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more luxurious vehicle of this class and at this price point. This subcompact SUV hosts a diverse array of cutting-edge features with stylish trims and unparalleled flexibility and utility. 

Envision: Why did GM decide to keep Buick and not Pontiac? Buick earned a devout following of loyal car shoppers by designing and manufacturing elegant and reliable vehicles like the Buick Envision. A pre-owned Buick Envision offers more than just great performance and mileage; it represents the best bang for your buck in the CSUV market. 

What Is a Quality Used SUV Under $20,000 or $30,000? 

The simple answer is a certified pre-owned Buick Enclave, Buick Encore or Buick Envision. With pre-owned Buick SUVs ranging from less than a year old to just five years old, you can trust a Buick from Easterns Automotive to provide years of unparalleled performance.

About Frederick, Maryland

Located in Western Maryland, Frederick has a population of 70,000 people and is situated approximately 50 miles northwest of Washington D.C.

Founded in 1745, Frederick is known for its beautiful mountain views, vibrant historic district and American Civil War sites. The city is also home to several renowned universities, including Hood College and Mount St. Mary’s University.

Both residents and visitors appreciate Frederick for its historic significance and remarkable landmarks, including:

  • Monocacy National Battlefield: A popular site for those interested in American Civil War history, specifically the Battle of Monocacy, which took place on July 9, 1864.
  • National Museum of Civil War Medicine: The museum is dedicated to the history of medicine during the American Civil War.
  • Historic Downtown Frederick: This charming neighborhood is home to historic architecture and various shops, restaurants and galleries.
  • Carrol Creek Linear Park: Situated along Carroll Creek, this urban park features various recreational amenities, such as walking and biking trails.

Frederick’s easy access to major highways, proximity to bigger cities like Washington D.C. and Baltimore and quaint small-town atmosphere makes it popular with professionals in the Acela Corridor. Of course, living in Frederick and commuting to those larger economic centers requires reliable transportation. Consider purchasing a pre-owned Buick from Easterns Automotive to ensure you always have a reliable way to commute to work, school or run errands.

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