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Helping Hands: KOINONIA

As the back-to-school season approaches, the anticipation of academic achievement is coupled with the concern of meeting the financial demands that come with it. Families often find themselves grappling with the costs of school supplies, clothing, and other essentials that set their children up for success.

In Fairfax County, a beacon of hope shines through – the KOINONIA Cares Organization. This local nonprofit, which traces its roots back to the 1960s, is dedicated to supporting families in need throughout the year. Judy Davis, the executive director of KOINONIA, shared that their doors are open to around 40 families on a regular basis. Beyond offering essential food and clothing items, KOINONIA extends a helping hand that touches the lives of thousands of community members.

The name KOINONIA, meaning “sharing,” reflects the organization’s core principle – to share resources, kindness, and support with those who need it the most. One such family, represented by Angie, a mother of two young children, expressed deep gratitude for KOINONIA’s assistance. “My family is very happy because they help with food and clothing,” she shared.

This remarkable work is made possible by the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of the community. Donations of essential items help KOINONIA deliver tangible impact to the lives they touch.

Recognizing the vital role KOINONIA plays in the community, Easterns Automotive Group partnered with ABC 7 News to lend a helping hand. Joel Bassam, from Easterns Automotive Group, had the privilege of surprising KOINONIA with a $2,200 donation through the 7News Helping Hand initiative.

“This will be put to good use, and I have plans,” Davis exclaimed gratefully. “It will help us in a number of ways. First of all, more assistance to the families that need it. There are a lot of things that don’t get donated like meat, eggs and anything that is perishable.”

The impact of KOINONIA’s efforts is growing, and the organization is actively seeking a new space to accommodate its expanding reach. The dedication to fulfilling the needs of families in Fairfax County remains unwavering.

You can join hands with KOINONIA Cares Organization and make a difference. Discover more about their impactful work and how you can contribute by clicking here. Together, we can uplift our community and create brighter futures for those in need.