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Helping Hands: Hands on Harvest

In the heart of Fairfax County, a local initiative is sowing the seeds of community nourishment. Stacey Evers, the visionary behind Hands On Harvests, launched this Northern Virginia nonprofit in response to the pandemic’s heightened food insecurity. Founded in May 2020, this grassroots movement aims to tackle hunger by providing fresh produce to food banks across Fairfax County.

The inspiration behind Hands On Harvests emerged from the dramatic spike in food demand during the pandemic. Stacey Evers, who also serves on the Fairfax Food Council Steering Committee, recognized the urgency to address the 400% increase in need. Evers knew that ensuring access to fresh and nutritious food was crucial for the community’s well-being.

The organization’s impact is felt not just in the increase of gardens flourishing across apartment complexes, but also in the lives they touch. Evers explains that each 4×8 plot is nurtured by local residents, fostering a sense of ownership and pride. With a growing waitlist and plans for two new community gardens, Hands On Harvests continues to expand its reach.

Yet, Hands On Harvests is more than just a garden project. In the past year, they supplied over 20,000 pounds of produce to 26 local food banks. Their commitment to addressing the needs of Fairfax County is unwavering.

Recognizing the significant work of Hands On Harvests, Easterns Automotive Group partnered with 7News to extend a Helping Hand. Joel Bassam, representing Easterns, highlighted the organization’s holistic approach and dedication to community development. “We want to donate $2,200 to your cause so that you can continue to help people gain life skills and do amazing things in the community,” Bassam affirmed.

Stacey Evers expressed her gratitude for the donation, envisioning the ways in which it could enhance Hands On Harvests’ impact. She acknowledged the profound significance of the contribution, emphasizing its potential to drive positive change.

Beyond community gardens, Hands On Harvests is also nurturing future generations’ connections with farming and agriculture through innovative programs. As the organization continues to cultivate fresh produce and hope, its dedication to uplifting the Fairfax County community remains steadfast.