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Helping Hands: Cake4Kids

Thousands of children around the DMV experience their birthdays without a birthday cake. In fact, some say they have never received one. That’s why one Fairfax county nonprofit called Cake4Kids is working to change that.

“It never occurred to me that children go without a birthday cake, and that broke my heart,” said Mary Campbell, owner of the nonprofit Cake4Kids. “It’s homeless children, it’s children in domestic violence shelters, it’s foster children, it’s children in immigration services, and it’s children with free and reduced lunch. We do a lot of Title I schools.”

Campbell is committed to making a difference through her nonprofit organization in Fairfax County with the help of 650 local volunteer bakers, including some who aren’t bakers at all.

A volunteer, Patt Rossini, baked for a kid who had never had a cake before. “It was a last-minute request for a Fort Nite cake, and later I got a ‘thank you’ picture with the child, which killed me,” Rossini said.

Cake4Kids’ mission inspired 7News and Easterns Automotive Group to surprise the nonprofit with a 7News Helping Hand.

Joel Bassam joined with a special for Cakes4Kids. “Cake4Kids is an amazing organization. You guys do something that many people take for granted by supporting those kids who might not have a cake for their birthday,” said Joel Bassam from Easterns Automotive Group. “Using that secret ingredient of baking extra love into it and then delivering it to their home is an amazing way to support the community. We want to help you guys continue to do that by donating $2,200 so you can continue baking all of those cakes across the DMV.”

It was a huge surprise donation for Campbell, and she was extremely grateful. She says everything (and everyone) helps make their goal of giving kids cakes on their birthdays successful.