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Helping Hands: So What Else

Every week in Montgomery County, the non-profit So What Else feeds thousands of meals to feed others, but now they are forced to move as Lake Forest Mall closes. Since starting this initiative at the beginning of the pandemic, they have given 30 million meals to those in need.

Now that they have to shut down and relocate, they are worried about still being able to help those in need because they have not solidified a new location. Their current rent is $1,000, and the new places they have discovered are priced around $12,000 a month, an increase they cannot afford.

Joel Bassam joined with a virtual message to surprise them with a helping hand. So What Else is doing amazing things helping those who need it most, and Easterns Automotive Group was honored to donate $2,200 towards their initiative. Allie and Megan were so excited and shared that this would help with rent and moving costs for their new space.