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Helping Hands: Forever Moriah Foundation

Mario and Sharday Richardson lost their four-year-old daughter, Moriah, to brain cancer. The Richardsons’ wanted to give back to others experiencing the same thing, so they created the Forever Moriah Foundation.

They called it the forever Moriah foundation to give back and as a way for her name to live on forever. “I always want to have her memories to live on,” Sharday said, holding a picture of Moriah. “She’s not able to celebrate Christmas, but to have me, my husband, and family continue to give back in her honor – her name will literally live on forever. That’s why it’s the Forever Moriah Foundation.”

They work tirelessly to support children undergoing treatment for cancer. Every year they have a toy drive where they collect toys and donate them to the Ronald McDonald houses and the children’s hospitals in the area. It’s not just toys; they go above and beyond year-round, helping families make memories and give back financially.

Amazed by their work to help other families, we wanted to surprise Forever Moriah Foundation with a helping hand. Joel Bassam joined with a special message for Sharday and Mario.

“Unfortunately, it feels like cancer has touched everyone’s lives in one way or another, and the way that your family has turned loss into helping others [who are] fighting this incredibly difficult battle is amazing. We want to help you continue to help those who are going through such a difficult time by donating $2,200 to your cause so you can continue to bring joy to those families who are fighting cancer in such a difficult way. Thank you!”

The Richardsons were overwhelmed with gratitude by this surprise donation. Holding back tears, Sharday expressed how much it means to her and their foundation to continue to give back to others.