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Helping Hands: Mummies for Mouths

Jude Adler is a student from Fairfax County that is helping to feed those in need in his community. The 16-year-old launched a nonprofit called “Mummies for Mouths” that uses repurposed glass jars and turns them into mummy decorations using tape and eyes.

Adler, his classmates, and the community helped to create the mummy decorations and raise money to feed those in need since 2021.

“When we first broke $1,000, that was mind-blowing, and now here we are at $16,000 over two years,” Adler shared. His organization became an official local nonprofit after all their hard work, allowing them to help in many other ways. “We’re donating to multiple service organizations, and we can play a much larger role by applying for discounts at local stores,” Adler said.

On this 7 News Helping Hands, Joel Bassam with Easterns Automotive Group wanted to meet Adler in person because he had a surprise for “Mummies for Mouths.”

“We heard about your story and wanted to support you by donating $2,200 to your cause so you can keep feeding those in need,” Bassam said.

After receiving their surprise donation, Adler allowed Bassam to pick his mummy decoration from his collection.