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How To Reset the Maintenance Light in Your Toyota Camry

It’s happened to every Toyota Camry owner at some point. You’re driving down the highway when you notice a new symbol glowing behind the wheel. Do you know what to do when that Maintenance Required light comes on in your vehicle?

What Does the Maintenance Required Light Mean?

If your Toyota Camry needs to be serviced, the maintenance required light will light up on your dashboard.

Although the warning may seem serious, this light can be deceiving. This indicator is generally set to automatically activate at 5,000-mile intervals to remind car owners of the need for oil changes, regardless of actual urgency or the type of oil you use. Some car owners may prefer more or less frequent oil change intervals, meaning the activation of the light might not be entirely relevant.

Maryland and Virginia drivers can implement a simple fix in a matter of minutes if their sole desire is to turn the light off. If you suspect the light came on for a less mundane reason than exceeding a preset number of miles, it may be in your best interest to have the vehicle checked.

How To Reset the Maintenance Light in a Toyota Camry

It can be a hassle to drive around with the maintenance light on, but the most important thing to remember is that it serves a purpose. Your maintenance required light lets you know when it’s time to have your Camry serviced.

If you’re like most drivers, you probably find the light disconcerting, distracting or annoying, and you may decide to turn it off now that you know it’s time to schedule a visit with your preferred mechanic or oil change shop. You can reset the maintenance light in your Toyota Camry with these easy steps:

  1. Insert your key into the ignition and turn it to position one. This is the position right before starting your vehicle.
  2. Push and hold the odometer button while you turn your key to position two.
  3. Hold down the odometer button until the maintenance light begins to flash. The light should turn off during this time.
  4. Release the odometer button and start your car.
  5. Check and see if the maintenance light is still on. If it’s not, then you’re done. If it is, repeat the above steps.

Servicing Your Toyota Camry

The maintenance required light turns on when it’s time to take your Camry to the shop. This is common at around 5,000 miles and is when you should look into getting one or more of these services:

  • Oil change
  • Filter change
  • Brake check
  • Overall inspection
  • Tire rotation

Resetting the maintenance light in your Toyota Camry is a quick fix for drivers who don’t want to be distracted by a blaring light, but it’s often best to take your vehicle in for service and let the technicians handle it. Drivers with busy schedules run the risk of simply forgetting that they reset the light and failing to have needed maintenance performed.  

The maintenance required light does not indicate that your vehicle is unsafe to drive, but it should not be left unattended for long. Regular maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and increases your safety as a daily driver.

Why Did My Maintenance Required Light Turn on Early?

Mechanics generally reset the light’s mile countdown when they change your oil and filter, but they might forget that step. When the light goes on early, it’s often because your mechanic forgot to reset it.

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