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Ford Focus a quality car

Is the Ford Focus a Good Car?

Ford Focus a quality car

The determination of whether a car is “good” will often be determined by performance, longevity, rating organizations and reviews from previous buyers. Good and bad are very subjective concepts. What’s good for one driver might not appeal to another motorist.

There are many loyal Ford Focus fans who passionately advocate for the model as a great car. What is it about the Ford Focus that makes it so popular among these consumers?  

Like Any Vehicle Model, There Are Hits and Misses

Ford Focus models 2010, 2011 and 2018 are highly rated for their reliability and durability. Unfortunately, the models released from 2012 to 2013 fell short on their ratings. That doesn’t mean those were quantifiably bad vehicles, just that other Ford Focus years earned more praise.

Key Points About the Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a reliable vehicle that can, with proper maintenance, last up to 200,000 miles. They offer competitive fuel efficiency with an average of 30 MPG for city driving and 40 MPG for highway driving. For drivers who typically drive between 13,000 and 15,000 miles annually, a Ford Focus is a quality vehicle option. It’s particularly great for daily drivers making short to medium trips consistently.

Not every Ford Focus year was created equal. The 2012 to 2013 models suffered from persistent problems for some Ford Focus owners, including but not limited to:

  • Powershift transmission problems
  • Power steering failure
  • Premature engine failure

The highest rated years for a pre-owned Ford Focus are 2018, 2011 and 2010.

Best Ford Focus Years as Ranked by Value

Many Ford Focus owners are highly satisfied with the vehicle’s reliability, fuel economy and affordable upgrade options. Some of the Ford Focus years that earned consistent high ratings included:


The 2010 Ford focus is the original third-generation model. It delivers on value, engine performance and overall affordability. It showcases solid fuel economy performance at 28 MPG.


The 2011 Ford Focus has been subject to zero recalls and low levels of registered complaints. It is a reliable vehicle but there have been rare reports of battery drainage overnight and, in a handful of cases, brake failure. Overall, these issues were far from consistent occurrences, so the 2011 Ford Focus is high on our list of good Ford Focus years.


The 2018 Ford Focus is the newest model on this list and comes with high-tech features like Bluetooth, a reverse camera and a touchscreen display on the base S trim. It’s a value buy for those who want a compact car with a sporty feel and a high-reliability rating.

Ford Focus Years to Avoid and Why

Not every Ford Focus model is created equal, with some suffering significant problems for daily drivers. On average, these issues faced drivers of model years prior to the vehicles reaching the 100,000-mile mark, cutting the expected life of a well-maintained Ford Focus nearly in half.

Here are the Ford Focus years pre-owned vehicle drivers may want to avoid:

2007 Reports of premature alternator death

2008 Faulty electrical systems and door handles not working properly were the most common complaints

2012 Reports of steering wheel failure and consistent transmission issues

2013 Transmission failure, plus jerking and steering wheel failure were reported in some vehicles before they hit the 100,000-mile mark

The 2012 to 2013 period was a rough time for up-and-coming Ford Focus models, with many facing consistent reports of transmission and steering wheel failure. These Ford Focus years were subject to one of the largest transmission recalls in history and have unfortunately earned their reputation as some of the worst Ford Focus models to date.

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