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Legacy Farms

Lorie Young and Billie Jo Bevan are two Loudon County mothers that started Legacy Farms together to offer apprenticeship-style opportunities for the neurodiverse community. Both Lorie and Billie Jo’s sons are in the program, and they wanted to create a program where neurodiversity is celebrated and people understand their gifts and talents.

The program works with volunteers and paid physicians for those who may need it. They not only get to grow vegetables and flowers, but they also get to see their work sell.

“If you have ADHD, dyslexia, or different kinds of executive functioning delays, we support all of those young people ages 16 and up,” Bevan said.

For their outstanding contributions to the community, Eastern Automotive Group surprised Legacy Farms with a 7News Helping Hand. Joel Bassam joined with a special surprise for Kegacy Farms.

“I want to congratulate Legacy Farms on celebrating 10 years of working towards your mission of offering opportunities for our neurodiverse community of individuals looking to take their next steps in education,” Bassam said. “We want to donate $2,000 to your cause so you can continue sharing what you know and helping others grow.”