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Pay It Forward: Fan DC

FAN D.C. is an organization working to lessen the impact of the foster care system for children in our area. On this Pay It Forward with Fox 5, we had the opportunity to learn more about FAN D.C. from Executive Director Josphine Mayzck and program participants Aaliyah and Jaylah. 

They provide youth in foster care opportunities to nurture their interests and talents, acquire new skills, and gain a sense of personal and group recognition in an atmosphere of hope. The name FAN has deep roots in the foundation of the organization and is an acronym for Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso which means Safe Places, Linked Hearts. Fihankra is a communal housing compound in the Akan culture of West Africa, meaning a “safe enclosure” or “safe house.” Akoma Ntoaso means “linked hearts,” and is a symbol of understanding and agreement. Sadly, many young people lack access to such safe environments., which is critical to their development. They recently took several children to learn about Vermont to learn about farming. The children shared that they love that is is a safe space for them that allows them to have fun.

Eastern Automotove Group heard of the amazing things they are doing to help children in the foster care system and wanted to contribute to their cause. We donated $2,000, so they can continue to impact the lives of others.

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