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Pay It Forward: Black Girls Rockville

Lacy Fields is the owner of Therapeutique Salon and Spa in Rockville, but she also created a foundation called Black Girls Rockville that works to give back to the community.

Black Girls Rockville hosts an event called Breakfast and Haircuts, where they provide styling services to those experiencing homelessness. At the last event, they served 66 people. One of her clients, owner of Stevens Transportation Group, loved the work that Black Girls Rockville is doing and volunteered to provide transportation for those in need to the salon.

Therapeutique Salon’s master stylist, Mackenzie Dehaut, shared how much joy it brought her to see their eyes light up and make them feel like they matter.

Amazed by the work they are doing in their community, we wanted to Pay It Forward with a special surprise. Lacy was exstatic and burst into tears when she received a check for $2000