Heavy-Duty Work Trucks for sale

Why Business Owners Should Invest in a Heavy-Duty Work Truck

Business owners who rely on fleet vehicles for their operations understand the importance of reliability, fuel efficiency and performance. Work vehicles are more nuanced than outside observers may realize at first glance. Cost is obviously one factor, but it’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for your business.

It’s important to find vehicles that:

  • Don’t suffer from chronic maintenance problems
  • Can reliably go hundreds of thousands of miles
  • Boast the right combination of fuel efficiency and performance
  • Have adequate storage space to meet your needs
  • Come equipped with the right features to allow your employees to do their jobs
  • Are relatively affordable to maintain and repair

Service business, contractors and delivery companies may put hundreds of miles on their vehicles every day. Breakdowns can affect your bottom line and jeopardize your schedule, which in turn can have a negative impact on your reputation.

While the performance of drivers is of utmost importance, it’s not the only factor contributing to accident avoidance. Vehicles should have high-quality safety features that prevent accidents and the resulting potential for business liability issues.  

Your business vehicle can have far-reaching consequences for your business, making your purchase choice a potentially make-or-break decision.

Buying a Heavy-Duty Truck Can Help Your Business

There’s no doubt you work hard to make your business a success. Between late nights and long weekend hours, you put in the time to grow your business and see it thrive. As a result, the work vehicle you drive is likely subjected to far more road time than your private commuter vehicle. Businesses that operate multiple shifts per day may have vehicles that run for 16 consecutive hours or more each day.  

This is why performance, fuel efficiency and reliability go hand in hand for work trucks and vans.

You might also be shopping for a work vehicle that better meets your current job demands. For example, having a larger vehicle might improve your company’s processes by allowing you to carry more equipment or tools.

While personally inspecting a car, truck or SUV before you buy it is always important, it’s even more vital for business vehicle shoppers. You likely have very specific size, power or storage capacity needs.

At Easterns, we’d be happy to show you our diverse selection of trucks and cargo vans and allow you to carefully inspect them before making a purchase.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Rental Truck or Van

Although you can turn to truck and cargo van rental companies to purchase pre-owned work vehicles, there’s no guarantee they’re in good shape. Purchasing from rental companies is always a risk due to the high number of past users and questionable maintenance and upkeep practices.

Most used rental trucks and vans have more miles than a traditional pre-owned vehicle. While a used rental truck or van might only be a few years old, the high mileage can prematurely age the vehicle — shortening its life and decreasing its valuation. While a lower price may superficially seem like a good thing, it’s not ideal for many businesses looking for reliable commercial trucks or vans.

Plus, the manufacturer’s warranty is more than likely expired on high-mileage vehicles, forcing you to rely on the limited warranty the rental company provides (if that’s even an option).

You’ll never know the full extent of the wear and tear on former rental vehicles. As a rental, it has been driven by a lot of different people — people who likely aren’t familiar with driving cargo vans or large trucks. They may have operated it irresponsibly, leaving it in rougher shape than a normal used cargo van or work truck.

There are also no guarantees regarding the vehicle’s maintenance and service history. Like all businesses, rental companies strive to minimize their expenses while maximizing revenue. That means spending as little as possible on maintenance while keeping their trucks rented out as much as possible.

Chances are the rental company did just enough maintenance to keep the vehicle running but didn’t go out of their way to protect it for the long haul.

Where Can You Buy a Commercial Vehicle or Heavy-Duty Work Truck?

Businesses in Washington D.C. and Baltimore have a lot of options when they’re shopping for cargo vans, work trucks and other light and heavy-duty work vehicles, including Easterns Automotive.

Easterns Automotive has been supporting local businesses in our community for over 30 years. We make it easy for you to find the commercial vehicle that fits your everyday business needs.

Give Easterns a call at 877-867-0641 or visit one of our eight dealerships today for more information.