best work vehicle for plumbers and exterminators

The Best Work Vehicles for Electricians, Exterminators and Plumbers

Business owners and decision makers searching for cargo vans and work trucks to buy can easily be overwhelmed by all the options available. The good news about the vast selection of trucks and cargo vans is there’s almost certainly the perfect work vehicle for your specific business needs.

A few questions to ask yourself when choosing a work vehicle:

  1. How much cargo space will I need to transport equipment/tools/goods?
  2. Will I need to stand up and move freely while inside the vehicle?
  3. Are the equipment/goods I plan to transport extremely heavy?
  4. Do I need to store my product in a temperature-controlled environment?
  5. Are my routes typically more inner city or long distances?

Examples of Work Trucks and Cargo Vans for Specific Industries

Work Vehicles for Electricians

Electricians need an efficient work van or truck with the proper storage to organize tools and power their operations. There are a few options for this line of work designed to support an electrical contractor’s day-to-day work.

  • Pick-up trucks – One of the most fuel-efficient options and great for long drives and residential jobs. Pick-up trucks with roomy cabs offer the most comfortable option for transporting several crew members between job sites, and you can add a towing trailer for more storage.
    • Example models include Ford’s F-series like the F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado
  • Cargo vans – Perfect for smaller jobs in multiple locations. Cargo vans allow for ample storage and a safe place to lock tools and equipment.
    • Example models include Ford’s Transit Vans (i.e., 2019 Ford Transit) or the Transit 250 Medium Roof
  • Service utility vans – Ideal for commercial jobs and hauling a lot of materials. Service utility vans can be customized for internal and external storage, providing a lot of space for organization and accessories.
    • Example models include the Ford Transit Cutaway Chassis or Reading’s or Knapheide’s service utility vans

Work Vehicles for Pest Control

Aside from storage space, exterminators need a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle. Traveling to many job sites throughout the day makes efficiency and reliability important aspects of any vehicle they drive.

  • Cargo vans – Extremely cost-effective in terms of fuel and space management. Cargo vans offer plenty of room for adding storage bins and built-in shelving.
    • Example models include Ford’s Transit Vans
  • Cutaway vans – Ideal for high-level technicians who need to haul more equipment than the average cargo van can hold. Cutaway vans function as a mobile workshop and maximize storage space to help you cut down on travel costs and vehicle downtime. 
    • Example models include the Chevrolet Express Cutaway
  • Service utility vans – Cuts down on the amount of time spent looking for tools and materials. Service utility vans are efficient and highly functional with options for customization and organization. Some feature an easy one-button lock system to secure all doors and latches.

Work Vehicles for Plumbers

While plumbers could use any type of vehicle to get around from job to job, there are work vehicles specifically designed for plumbing contractors. These vehicles provide features like internet modems, overhead conduit storage and straight walls for easy shelving and organization.

  • Cargo vans – Depending on the make and model, cargo vans can come equipped with high-end features such as 4G modems for on-the-go business management. Reputable cargo van models are also known to be extremely reliable and low maintenance. Some even have room for a ladder rack to secure ladders and pipes without compromising cargo space.
    • Example models include the RAM ProMaster or Ford’s Transit Vans
  • Box trucks – Budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank. Not only are they built for weight and space, but they have the potential to be transformed into a mobile workspace. Cargo is secure with only one access point.
  • Service utility vans – Designed to store a wide variety of tools and equipment and easily organize materials from pumps to ladders. The external compartments make it easy to grab what you need without having to open the whole van. Extra space may be ideal for bulky equipment like sewer line inspection and replacement gear.

You’ll find a lot of feature similarities when comparing different makes and models of work vans and trucks. Scheduling test drives and in-person inspections is the best way to decide which is right for you. While shopping used is a great way to save money on a high-quality truck, you should pay careful attention to the condition of pre-owned commercial vehicles before purchasing.

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