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Helping Hands: Old School Boxing

In Prince George’s County every afternoon, Old School Boxing is filled with hundreds of students who call it their home away from home.
“I’m happy to be around them and keep them off the street,” owner Buddy Harrison said. In the 90s, Harrison opened Old School Boxing after being released from jail. Originally, he wanted to help his son become a professional fighter.

“If they stay out of jail and they don’t turn to alcohol or drugs, they are champions to me,” Harrison said.
So many foster children and children from local shelters use the gym as a
lifeline. Despite charging $60 per month for his students, Harrison encourages them to pay what they can and never turns anyone away. Most of the gym’s funding comes from donations.

Joel Bassam with Easterns Automotive Group surprised Harrison by supporting his important mission.

“The Old School Boxing story is one that we came back to. We just couldn’t help ourselves. Your self-sacrifice and the way you support your community is truly admirable and something that anyone in any community can learn from,” Bassam said. “We want to help you out by donating $2,000 to your gym so that you can continue to support the youth in your community. Continue doing the amazing work that you are doing, and I hope to see you soon.”

Harrison expressed how much this will help Old School Boxing and plans to use the money for students’ equipment.