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Veteran Eddie Smith

Pay It Forward – Veteran Eddie Smith

A Vietnam veteran who served in the military for two tours, Mr. Smith, affectionately known as Mr. Eddie, has come through some very dark times yet still has the heart to serve.

Even though everyone in his family was in the army or navy at 19, he decided to join the Marnie Corp. His experience with racism as a marine motivated him to become a respected leader while serving in the military. 

In October, the 82-year-old veteran lost his home of 40 years in a fire, forcing him to start over. Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group joined with a surprise! “The dedication you’ve shown your country through your two tours in Vietnam and to the community after your military service is absolutely incredible. We were hurt to hear about what happened to your home and wanted to brighten your day a little.”

During their honeymoon in Jamaica, Mr. Eddie and his wife Paula intended to return. But they weren’t able to due to the pandemic and the fire. In honor of his service, Easterns Automotive Group is sending the couple on an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica. 

Completely shocked, the entire family was speechless and brought to tears. If you know someone who should be featured on Pay It Forward, you can nominate them here. In your email, be sure to include who they are and why they deserve to be recognized.