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Pay It Forward – Soles4Souls

Chris Cabrera has a sustainability line called Naturally London.
It is a botanical-based award-winning foot and hair care line that focuses on transparency and sustainability. This pairs perfectly with the mission of Souls4Soles because they keep shoes out of landfills and provide resources for others around the world.

Sometimes we have more shoes than we need, and somewhere there are others with no shoes at all. There is an organization that changes that. Soles4Souls works with various locations so that people in the community can drop off shoes for those in need. After making sure the shoes are good quality they ship them out.

Easterns Automotive Group heard of the amazing things that Soles4Souls was doing and wanted to help with this awesome mission. We surprised them with $500 worth of shoes and purchased $1,500 worth of foot soap for first responders and hospital staff! Completely speeches you could see the joy in Chris’s face as she accepted the check. She was honored that Naturally London would have the opportunity to help support our everyday heroes.