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Get Up Give Back – Hope Connections

Hope Connections for Cancer Support believes that no patient should face cancer alone. The organization provides emotional and physical support to people living with cancer.

Get Up DC’s Allison Seymour met with the non-profit’s president and CEO, Mary McCusker. Hope Connections helps cancer patients cope with the mind-body connection through its support groups while receiving medical treatments.

“There is something very therapeutic to be able to sit in a room of people that know exactly what you’re going through and what you’re feeling at any given time,” McCusker said. “And then also the physical side. We offer gentle yoga, Pilates, mind-body boxing, and also meditation and relaxation, and all of the things that will really help you on that journey.”

Hope Connections also provides educational programs run by a medical advisory board of professionals. These experts provide information on cancer treatment options and how to deal with fatigue related to cancer.

We had the opportunity to surprise McCusker and donate $1,000 to Hope Connections. McCusker was happy just to share about Hope Connections but walked away in awe by this surprise!