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How a Salesperson Can Change your Perspective on Car Buying

Shopping for a car can be a dauting experience. Car salespeople have a reputation for being narrowly focused on sales and putting that priority over the car shopper’s best interest.

Many salespeople are paid a commission whenever they manage to get a car off a dealership parking lot. When dollar signs dominate the salesperson’s mind, they might not give you the time and proper guidance you need to make an informed purchase. Working with the wrong salesperson can leave you feeling drained, discouraged and pressured into buying a car you don’t want or need. It can literally be a costly mistake that lands you in the wrong car.

Conversely, the right professional will save you time, money and turn the process into an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Working with the right salesperson will feel like a breath of fresh air. They will be honest, respectful of your time and will tailor vehicle options to meet your preferences.

Here are some more ways to evaluate a car salesperson so that you know you’re getting the experience you deserve.

Signs of a Good Salesperson:

  1. Listens Attentively
  2. Values Your Time
  3. Knowledgeable
  4. Follows up ASAP
  5. Is Honest

Listens Attentively

A true professional will give you ample time to explain your transportation needs. They will ask you questions to learn more about your driving habits and what type of vehicle will best fit your lifestyle. They will not interrupt you or try to undermine your opinions. They will keep you the center of attention, instead of taking up too much space with empty words and promises.

Values Your Time

You may want to call the dealership ahead of time and make an appointment. Tell the sales manager which car you want to test drive and ask for the name of the salesperson you’ll be working with. If the salesperson and car are ready for your appointment, it’s a promising sign.

Pro-tip: Usually, a reliable dealership will have a list of new and used cars available for sale with detailed descriptions and an image gallery. You should be able to browse the dealership’s inventory by going to their website.


A good salesperson will have a comprehensive knowledge of their product. Doing plenty of research prior to your appointment and asking detailed questions about the car you like are effective ways to test how much the salesperson knows about it. Look for responses that are detailed and straightforward. If they’re being vague or trying to dodge questions, chances are they have little to no knowledge of the car they’re trying to sell you. An honest salesperson will admit that they don’t know the answer but go to great lengths to find it out.

Follows up ASAP

If the right car isn’t available right away or you need to come back later to seal the deal, a good salesperson will commit to calling you back. They will take your contact details and take it upon themselves to follow up with you as soon as that car becomes available.

Is Honest

A good salesperson will be honest from the start. If they can’t sell you what you’re looking for, they won’t try to convince you an imperfect alternative vehicle is the best choice for you.

Signs of a Bad Salesperson:

  1. Doesn’t Respect Your Time
  2. Is All About Pressure
  3. Tries to Rush You
  4. Withholds Information

Doesn’t Respect Your Time

It’s a bad sign if you’ve been on the lot browsing for 20 minutes and no one has acknowledged your presence or offered you help. It’s even worse if you have showed up to your appointment but the salesperson you’re supposed to be working with is nowhere to be found. A good salesperson will give you a moment to browse and follow up with a subtle and pressure-free offer to help.

Is All About Pressure

This is what customers dread most. No one likes to be pressured into buying things, especially big purchases like a car. The salesperson trying to march you into their office before you have even had a chance to test drive a car is a red flag. If the shopping process is making you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to walk away and look for a better experience.

Tries to Rush You

Another tactic similar to being pushy is trying to make you think you’re going to lose out on the car because of things like high demand or another buyer’s interest in that same vehicle.  If a salesperson is pressuring you to act fast or you’ll lose the deal of your lifetime, your best option is to just walk out of the dealership and go somewhere else.

Withholds Information

A reputable car dealership has nothing to hide. If the salesperson is unable to provide you with a Carfax report or refuses to let a mechanic you trust look at the car, walk away from the vehicle. The last thing you want to do is buy a lemon.

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