Helping Hands – St. Stephens Baptist Church & Project Bright Future

Every Tuesday, St. Stephens Baptist Church in Temple Hills has a massive food distribution for those in need in the community. “We’re excited about serving the community. We’ve got all kinds of food. We’ve got produce. We’ve got chicken. We’ve got pork chops, apples. We’ve got sweet potatoes, and we’re giving it all away until it’s gone. We do it every Tuesday consistently,” said Bishop Lanier Twyman, Sr., Senior Pastor at St. Stephens Baptist Church.

Driven by volunteers, they have about 60 volunteers every week to help distribute food but could use the help of others. Serving the community doesn’t stop with food distribution. About ten years ago, St. Stephens Baptist Church in Temple Hills, Maryland, started a mentor program called “Project Bright Future.” The program mentors young children and prepares them to be a better part of their community and pursue college degrees.

Their great deeds of service got the attention of our 7News Helping Hands campaign.

Joel Bassam joined virtually to share a special message for St. Stephens Baptist Church, “Hi there, I’m Joel Bassam from Easterns Automotive Group. We were blown away by what you guys are trying to do—feeding people and giving people clothes. Helping them in any way they need without anything in return is the best way to give. We want to help you continue to do that by donating $2,000, so you can continue to help those in the community. Thank you,”

Blown away by this donation, St. Stephens Baptist Church cheered in excitement! We are honored to be able to help such a fantastic cause.