Road To a Better Community – Rainbow Families

For LGBTQ plus families often, support when it comes to raising a family is hard to find. However, the organization Rainbow Families has been doing fantastic work that is now being recognized and awarded.

Sequoia and Shay Taylor El began looking for an option to create the family they always dreamed of in 2015. It may seem easy for parents to create families; however, that’s not the case. They often have to go through a different legal process and pay more money to get the same protection as regular parents.

They were introduced to Darren Paul Vance, the executive director of Rainbow Families, as a support system during their difficult journey. Rainbow Families’ goal is to continue evolving and growing to make sure that they are meeting the needs of the LGBTQ plus community.

For 40 years now, Rainbow Families have celebrated LGBTQ plus families with educational classes parrot for training workshops, picnics, play dates, and its annual family conference. To continue their fantastic work in the community, Easterns Automotive Group surprised Rainbow Families with $2,000.