first community enrichment helping hands

Helping Hands – Fountain Community Enrichment

The pandemic has drastically changed lives leaving some searching for assistance, and a nonprofit in upper Marlboro, Maryland, has been supporting thousands since the beginning.

The Fountain Community Enrichment has been doing fantastic work to provide food for those in need for the past 16 weeks. As they continue to help within the community, they found a need for more than food. Their food pantry has a unique approach to support other areas of need, such as counseling to help deal with everyday life situations such as debt, job loss, divorce, and substance abuse. They also host a community health fair,

Jose Gonzalez had a special surprise for Pastor John. Jose pulled out a large check from Easterns for $2,000 just for the Fountain Enrichment Community. Joel Bassam even joined to share how amazed he and the Eastern team were by their hard work.

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