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Helping Hands – Helen Zurita

The community has been overwhelmed with the work of a woman in the Manassas community. Helen Zurita has been a lifesaver for the East End mobile Home Trailer Park.

The trailer park would close four years ago, but Zurita assembled a team to make sure that did not happen. If the Manassas-based nonprofit, Catholics for Housing, had not rescued the property with 58 homes, many people would have been homeless.

Zurita shared that she has experienced homelessness and had to go without food before, and she did not want to see them go through what she once went through. Her work in the community goes far beyond saving homes. She also feeds, clothes, and prepares children for school. She also hosts back-to-school and toy drives for children in the community. On most Fridays, she gives away almost 300 to 400 boxes of food to those in need.

Inspired by the selfless acts of Helen, we had something special for her.

“Hey, I am Joel Bassam from Easterns Automotive,” Bassam explained to Zurita. “We were touched by the story 7News shared about you saving this community and feeding others without any consideration for yourself but only for others. We want to donate $2,000, so you can continue to help others.”

In shock, Zurita expressed how honored she was for this contribution. Zurita said the money would help her buy gas cards, provide backpacks for children, and start her free pantry.

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